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The workout partner is an ultimate team of destiny.

Motivation is always a big part of bodybuilding and fitness. In order to train hard and lift harder you need to have the mental motivation to push yourself through the next level. While everyone lifts differently, workout partners are a very popular and proven way to help inspire and motivate people. Odds are you will have a less than stellar day – that’s where your workout partner comes in and gets a top workout out of you and vice versa.

But finding a workout partner is no simple thing. It’s a bond, a brotherhood, an unspoken connection that that is formed naturally through time and experience.

So how do you find that kind of person? Well for every person it’s different, but we can give some general guidelines along the way to help smooth things over.

Timing is Everything

A workout partner isn’t like a job. You don’t just hire someone to workout with you (that would be a personal trainer). The best workout partner is like a friendship. It forms gradually over time – almost as if it was an accident. You need someone who has the same life schedule as you. It needs to click. Odds are you will find your best workout partner through the people you see most often at the gym and at the regular hours you usually workout. This is important, as you will expect to workout with this person every week. You can’t do that with someone who is on a reverse schedule than you.

Friends & Enemies

But there is more to having a workout partner than similar schedules. You need to actually get along with this person. Sure, the first thing you might think is, “Let me get my best friend or boy/girlfriend to workout with me. We already get along so well!” Let us stop you there. This is most definitely not always the case. Think of your workout partner the same way you would look at moving in with someone. Sometimes you can be best friends – but once you move in together it’s an entirely different story. They could drive you crazy. So just keep that in mind when that thought runs through your head.

No Knuckleheads

Beyond personality, you also need someone who knows what they are doing. And not just in general. Someone who thinks on your level. Nothing is worse than when your workout partner helps spot you on a rep when you didn’t need it; or someone who over-coaches you while you’re trying to get in the zone. It’s a delicate balance. One that must be preserved for the long run. The best workout partners instinctively knows each others needs and learns quickly how to adapt to each other.

Read on for even more guidelines.

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