Big Neechi Answers: Who Are The Most Authentic Figures In Strength Sports?

Big Neechi talks about the bodybuilders and lifters he respects the most in strength sports.

Bodybuilding and strength sports are a respectable endeavor to pursue. It focuses on transforming your body, mind, and spirit. It’s about growth and change. That being said, there will always be athletes who stand above the rest. The titans who are not only the best physically but also represent true authenticity as ambassadors for strength sports. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Big Neechi breaks down the most authentic athletes in the strength sports industry.

Big Neechi focuses more on overall strength rather than pursuing mass monster size or ability. But he still has undying respect for the best of the best in strength sports. This isn’t simply based on who has the most titles, most records, or best physiques. It also has to do with their personality and how they use it to lift up the niche arena of bodybuilding and strength sports.

For Big Neechi, authenticity is key. In fact, he prefers powerful lifters and bodybuilders who are also willing to risk “professionalism” in favor of raw honestly. In his mind, the most respectable athletes in strength sports are members of the Iron Addict crew. Most notably CT Fletcher himself, who has been a massive motivating force for an entire generation.

What bothers Big Neechi, is how there are so many athletes who fear being authentic and raw like CT Fletcher. Not everyone will have the same personality as CT. Of course not. But Neechi believes that the business side of the industry muzzles true authenticity in bodybuilding and strength sports.

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When an athlete’s livelihood relies on paychecks from a sponsor, they have no motivation to do something that might be frowned upon. That’s why Big Neechi has so much respect for CT Fletcher. He presents himself as he is – both his epic lifts and motivation and his mistakes.

Big Neechi feels that same sense of authenticity with Simeon Panda. Another bodybuilder who is known for his blunt and honest take on bodybuilding and fitness. Neechi believes that Simeon Panda showcases not only the true power of incredible strength and muscle, but also the power behind healthier living. Big Neechi sees Simeon Panda present a case on how to be a bodybuilder in the real world. Not just in the pro league bubble.

Big Neechi’s respect for authenticity in the sport runs parallel to recent comments made by Blessing Awodibu. Though discussing a slightly different topic, Blessing believes that more bodybuilders need to let the personality fly uncensored. He thinks that authenticity also leads to more entertainment and more hype for bodybuilding as a sport.

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