Big Neechi talks his history of lifting heavy weight and his thoughts on the much hyped Blessing Awodibu.

Big Neechi is a bodybuilder who had natural strength from a young age. While he doesn’t go for max lifts anymore, he was a particularly strong person who could out-lift nearly everyone during his high school and college years. So he certainly takes notice of Blessing Awodibu – a bodybuilder with an incredibly massive physique and equally incredible strength. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Big Neechi explains how Blessing Awodibu reminds him of Ronnie Coleman.

To compare someone to Ronnie Coleman is a great honor. Ronnie is one of the biggest legends in the sport of bodybuilding. To some, he is bar none the greatest bodybuilder of all time. So towards the end of our recent interview segment with Big Neechi – we were surprised for him to drop a casual comparison to Ronnie.

The moment in question was in regards to Blessing Awodibu. Blessing has been gaining traction in the pro bodybuilding world leading up to the New York Pro 2021. This is not only due to his incredible physique updates, but also his bold and outspoken behavior leading up to the show. He sparked a rivalry with another impressive hopeful – Nick Walker.

We asked Big Neechi if he knew of Blessing Awodibu. Not only does he know him, he thinks that Blessing has what it takes to become a Mr. Olympia champion. He said that Blessing reminded him of Ronnie Coleman. That is certainly high praise.

Big Neechi doesn’t think he’s jumping the gun either. He thinks that Blessing is already tracking to showcase some seriously dangerous potential. He also believes that Blessing is the kind fo bodybuilder that would make for a great Olympia champion. Not only because of his physique but due to his personality. It would be like a shot of life into the entire pro bodybuilding circuit.

But is Big Neechi interested in training to compete in pro bodybuilding or the Mr. Olympia? We also asked him this question during our interview. Big Neechi goes into detail about how naturally strong he was throughout his youth. He wanted to be a professional football player. But due to injury that didn’t work out.

He has since dedicated himself to strength, muscle, and athleticism. But he’s not interesting in becoming a full fledge bodybuilding aiming for the Olympia title. He favors overall athleticism over pure muscle aesthetic. He’s a massive fan of bodybuilding as a sport. But he’s not interested in going all-in as a pro competitor.

You can watch Big Neechi discuss his weightlifting past, list off his heaviest lifts, and share his opinion on Blessing Awodibu in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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