Blessing Awodibu makes new comments on his ongoing beef with Nick Walker: It’s all to sell the show.

Blessing Awodibu and Nick Walker are two extremely hyped up athletes going into the New York Pro 2021. They have both proven with preview videos and photos that they contain truly impressive physiques. For many, the New York Pro has become a battle between these two new rivals. But with that rivalry comes trash talk. Both Blessing and Nick have traded barbs on social media leading up to the show. In our latest GI Exclusive, Blessing Awodibu shares his thoughts about the beef and his mindset in calling Nick Walker out.

For as long as bodybuilding has existed as a sport there have been rivalries. This is in part due to the competitive nature of the sport. If two athletes are passionate about bodybuilding and being the best – their personalities are likely to clash.

Another part of it is for entertainment. This is sometimes overlooked. A rivalry can be all good and fun. A show to hype up fans and build further anticipation for a competition. For some rivals, there is no bad blood after the show is over. It was simply the mental state needed leading into a bodybuilding competition.

Blessing Awodibu and Nick Walker seem to have formed a new growing rivalry in 2021. This is all due to the fact that they will be both competing at the New York Pro 2021. They are also both extremely hyped athletes in their own right. Each have been promoted by fans as up and coming dangerous athletes.

While we have no clue whether or not this rivalry will last after the New York Pro, for now it’s front and center. Multiple media outlets have already pushed headlines highlighting the trash talk between Blessing Awodibu and Nick Walker.

Blessing, for his part, embraces it. He was willing to put his words to the internet and call Nick Walker out. He claimed that he would dominate over Nick and everyone else at the New York Pro. This led to some entertaining and intense back and forth. The fans loved it. The news picked it up.

We had a chance to connect with Blessing Awodibu over a video interview this past week. So we of course wanted to ask him about the ongoing beef with Nick Walker. What were his thoughts on how things played out so far? Does he regret any of the actions he took?

True to character, Blessing embraced the whole thing. He believed that this kind of beef is simply part of the entertainment of bodybuilding. He is doing it because he wants to put on a show. He thinks that the New York Pro will now have the “highest pay-per-view streams” than any other IFBB show. He thinks this is solely due to the hype he helped create.

He also thinks that Nick Walker might have taken everything a bit too personally. Blessing believes that athletes understand an unspoken contract as pros – that the trash talk and rivalries are nothing personal. It’s simply the mindset of a confident athlete looking to win.

“I don’t think Nick understands it. He took it too personal, you know?” Blessing states in our interview. He continues:

“Of course, I was making all these comments. I was calling him this and that. It was all to build the hype. Its all to sell the show. The New York Pro is going to be the highest pay-Per-view streams in bodybuilding. Maybe close to the Olympia. It’s the most exciting show of the year. You know why? Because we sold the show. Because I sold the show.”

Bessing Awodibu obviously doesn’t have hard feelings about the beef thus far. And until they can compete on stage at the New York Pro – he will continue to stand by his comments.

You can watch Blessing Awodibu go into detail about his beef with Nick Walker in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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