Big Neechi: What Bodybuilding Social Media Gets Wrong About Steroids

Big Neechi Answers: what is the definition of steroid abuse in bodybuilding?

Like it or not, steroids is a part of bodybuilding. It may not be necessary (though some believe so), but it’s certainly available in bodybuilding culture. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, bodybuilding focused social media is very split on the topic of steroids. It’s discussed quite a bit by influencers in the bodybuilding world – and it always causes a controversial stir. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Big Neechi explains the problem with how steroids is discussed on social media in bodybuilding.

Like any other drug, steroids are used illegally. Also like any other drug, it can be dangerous depending on how often and how much you consume. Not all drugs are created equal when it comes to dangers. But on the flip side, it’s also impossible to completely stop people from finding a way to use illegal drugs.

Steroids has intersected with sports for decades and it always causes controversy. This is especially true in bodybuilding – where it is more openly discussed. This mostly happens on social media – where influencers with heavy followings can provide info based on their experience and in some cases their studies.

Yet even in the bodybuilding world, steroids are controversial. Some find steroids to actually be healthy for bodybuilders and athletes. Others mock and insult bodybuilders in comments for being too overblown with PEDs. The conversations on social media often become repetitive and hateful. It’s rare to find actual good anecdotal information about steroids on social media. This is despite some people’s best efforts to provide education for a drug so taboo that it’s hard to find safety info about the popular drug.

Watch our latest GI Exclusive interview segment with Big Neechi above!

During our conversation with Big Neechi, we discussed this split opinion that inches constantly into bodybuilding social media. Why are steroids so controversial within the bodybuilding community?

Big Neechi believes it’s a problem with understanding the nature of use vs abuse and what the reality is of how bodybuilders use steroids. Neechi points out that many bodybuilders will work with doctors to determine what is safe. Not only that, but they are usually taking much less steroids than fans usually assume.

Like any drug, including legal ones such as alcohol, cigarettes, and now (mostly) marijuana – abuse can always lead to serious health problems. Smoking weed constantly every single day will lead to lung issues and possibly cancer. Same with cigarettes. Alcohol abuse can lead to liver damage.

These are all legal drugs. While steroids is not legal for recreational consumption – the same rule applies. The problem is the messaging in media creates the feeling of the drug being particularly taboo. What doesn’t help are influencers who aim to shock with bad advice or stunt drug use.

Social media is not regulated on either side – for the poster and for the user. So the comments we see, the videos that are posted, and the statements that are made can be from anyone. This makes a lot of white noise. On top of it all is the single fact that our current culture has been taught to see steroids as taboo.

What’s important is to know how to cut through the white noise and get honest and real valuable information. Then decide for yourself what is right for you – not for other people. At the end of the day, Generation Iron does not condone or advise the use of illegal substances. But education is never a bad thing.

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