Big Ramy’s Ultimate Bicep And Chest Workout

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Rope Hammer Curl

4 sets | 10-12 reps

The rope hammer curl is performed by attaching a rope to a pulley or cable and gripping the two sides of the rope, thumbs pointing towards the ceiling, elbows tight to the body and stationary. Like his other bicep exercises, Elssbiay does four sets of ten to twelve reps.

Elssbiay’s philosophy about building up his biceps is based not around lifting heavy weights, but by having perfect technique. “I believe in strict form for arms. Cheating would help me use heavier weights, but it would rob me of the control I need to target the muscles,” Ramy said in an interview with Muscle and Fitness. Heavier weights don’t always reap better results. It’s best to keep in mind that proper form always rules the day.

Elssbiay also possesses considerable pectoral muscles that compliments his bulk well. Below is his chest routine.

Incline Barbell, Dumbbell, or Machine Press

4 sets | 8-12 reps

Big Ramy works on his upper chest with four sets of twelve reps, interchanging between barbell, dumbbell, or the machine press. By differentiating his the tools for the job he’s able to work different muscles groups.

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