Big Ramy’s Ultimate Bicep And Chest Workout

Incline Dumbbell Flyes

4 sets | 8-12 reps

The upper chest remains the focus as Big Ramy switches over to the dumbbell flyes. Elssbiay is a big believer in controlled motions and precision when doing his workout routines. Like all other sets he performs four set of twelve reps.

Flat Barbell, Dumbbell, or Machine Press

4 sets | 8-12 reps

Here the entire chest is worked with a continued emphasis on slow control. Dennis James explains that when working out with Elssbiay they vary the tempo of his reps. They conduct regular speed lifts and switch to a slow motioned lift so that his muscles feel fully engaged. Four sets with twelve reps for this one as well.

To look like a pro you need to train like one and Big Ramy hasn’t gotten this far from slacking. By performing these arm and chest exercises he’s gained considerable bulk and definition to bring to competitions. There’s no wonder why many consider Big Ramy a threat and these workouts prove he’s a force to be reckoned with.


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