Big Ramy discusses the differences training in in the USA vs the Middle East and the benefits of trying multiple trainers.


It’s no secret that Big Ramy had tried working with multiple coaches and trainers throughout his career. For some time, he was best known for working with Oxygen Gym. But over the years he also jumped in and out of Kuwait to train with the likes of George Farah and Dennis James. Ultimately, in 2020, he settled back with Dennis James and Chad Nicholls and ultimately earned his first Olympia victory. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Big Ramy details how working with different trainers was vital to his success.

The interview clip featured here is from 2017. This is before he won the Mr. Olympia and before he ultimately left Oxygen Gym for good. But the conversation here, from the cutting room floor of Generation Iron 2, is still a very insightful moment despite how things have changed.

In this clip, Big Ramy discusses the differences of training with Oxygen Gym versus other trainers such as Dennis James and George Farah over in the United States. While Ramy was currently still prioritizing Oxygen Gym at the time – his answer still rings true to potentially how he ultimately found success and won the Mr. Olympia.

While there is value put on loyalty, there is also value in constant growth and education. Big Ramy wanted to always be learning. By experiencing different trainers and coaches, especially big name coaches, he is able to open is mind and education to different training tactics and beliefs.

Big Ramy would take everything he learned into consideration to his ultimate training plan. Many times, he felt ultimately that it was best for him to return to Oxygen Gym. But surely he also took small details of what he learned and applied them to each next step.

That thirst for growth and knowledge is an important lesson for any aspiring pro bodybuilder to learn. Constant adjustments and always challenging your own knowledge of training and dieting is key to success in bodybuilding. One small difference can ultimately be the key to getting an edge over another competitor in the top six on stage.

Years after this interview took place, Big Ramy ultimately left Oxygen Gym for good. He tried out a few more trainers and ultimately, for now, settled with Chad Nicholls and Dennis James. Due to Ramy’s Olympia 2020 victory, we assume this team up will remain.

But the years after this interview showcase that Big Ramy stuck to his words here. He continued to challenge himself, try new trainers, and continue his learning. This lead to his victory and will continue to help him stay dominant in the future.

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