Kevin Levrone Believes Big Ramy ‘Doesn’t Have The Balls’ To Get Ripped For Arnold Classic: “I Don’t Think It’s In His DNA”

Big Ramy

Kevin Levrone says that Big Ramy doesn’t have the “half crazy” mindset to do what it takes.

The 2023 Arnold Classic is just three weeks away and Big Ramy is prepared to take the stage coming off a disappointing performance at the Olympia. He will be a name to watch come showtime. Bodybuilding veteran Kevin Levrone broke down Ramy’s chances at the event and if he has a chance to improve.

Levrone knows a thing or two about competing against some of the best of all-time — and on the Arnold Classic stage. During his career, Levrone won the Arnold title twice thanks to his incredible conditioning. He might not be competing anymore but Levrone remains up to date in bodybuilding.

Big Ramy decided to join the Arnold Classic roster after the prize purse was increased to $300,000. Now, he will have a chance to get back to the top of the sport.

Big Ramy 2023 Arnold Classic

Kevin Levrone: “I Don’t Think He’s Got The Balls To Take It To That Place”

Kevin Levrone recently joined RxMuscle for an interview and showed plenty of doubt regarding Big Ramy’s ability to get back to where he needs to be for the Arnold Classic. The former two-time Olympia champion fell to fifth in last year’s competition. Speaking with Dave Palumbo, Levrone broke down what it takes.

“Knowing Ramy and knowing his personality – I’ve sat down and talked with him. He’s not as crazy as someone like you. I’m going to put it to you straight: you have to be half-crazy to take it to that edge and just say, ‘you know what, I don’t give a shit what happens.

I don’t think he’s got the balls to take it to that place where he needs to say, ‘you know what, no matter what happens, I’m going to take it and get ripped and get shredded. I just don’t think it’s in his DNA.”


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Ramy was considered the overwhelming favorite entering the 2022 Olympia and did not perform up to his normal standard.

“You know as sad as it is to see him lose, I was there. It probably took the wind out of his sails. I know the fans and people like me watching, it was a tough blow. Thinking as far as an athlete and a champion, wanting to redeem himself. That’s a normal thing.”

Kevin Levrone believes that competitors should go compete whenever they get the chance, especially when the money is increased. Big Ramy will do just that in hopes of adding another title to his resume.

“I think it’s a good move. I think they should go out there and make the money. I mean, that’s what it’s all about. What’s the point of being a professional if you’re not going to get in shape and compete. It’s all about getting on stage, using your physique as a business.”

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