Big Ramy Never Before Seen Pics From Trainer Chad Nicholls

Trainer Chad Nicholls has released never-before-seen pictures of Big Ramy prior to 2021 Olympia.

Big Ramy is coming off his second-straight victory at the Olympia just a few weeks ago. Entering the 2021 competition, the Egyptian bodybuilder was viewed as the favorite and a competitor who might be unbeatable. It was a close battle on stage but Big Ramy ended up winning once again. Leading up to the competition, his training regimen might not have been strict.

Big Ramy has been working with trainer Chad Nicholls. We did not see many physique updates leading up to the competition and that is because preparation did not begin until three months before Big Ramy was set to step on stage. He remained in great shape but Nichols revealed that he was 327 pounds at the time the pictures were taken.

During the Olympia press conference, Big Ramy weighed in at 305 pounds. He looked rock-solid on stage and it looked like a physique that was training all year. That was not the case.

“Here are 3 never before seen pics of 2x Mr. Olympia @big_ramy – these were check-in pics taken August 1, 2021 – after only one month of training – his weight is approximately 327 – we started this year‘s Olympia prep July 1 – up until this point he had not trained since the Olympia on December 19, 2020 – let that sink in for a minute – in my opinion it was one of the most amazing preps I’ve ever seen for what he was able to accomplish in a short period of time – next year will be interesting because the game plan has already been put in motion and he will train for the next 14 months to defend the title and to show some thing extraordinary.”


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Nicholls shares that Big Ramy did not train from December 2020 when he won his first Olympia until July 2021. This is shocking and when looking at the shape that he was in, quite surprising. This might be why Big Ramy’s victory was a bit controversial this year.


In 2020, there was no doubt who the champion was. This time around, many believed that there were competitors in better shape. Brandon Curry finished second this year while Hadi Choopan was third. There were talks that Choopan was in the best shape and had the best conditioning this year. In the end, it was Big Ramy who celebrated for a second-straight year.

Nicholls continued by saying that Big Ramy will be training for 14 months leading up to next year’s competition. This should make fans excited about what they could see in 2022.

“At the end of the day I love my job but I’m also a Bodybuilding fan I love the contest part of it but the photos leading into the show these never before seen pics are the ones that I love to see and hopefully you will enjoy them as well – I will try and post pics from every couple of weeks leading into the show.”

Big Ramy has said that he will defend his title for years to come. If he trains around the calendar, he will be even more difficult to take down.

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