Blessing Awodibu exudes confidence in his physique and contest prep leading into the New York Pro 2021.

The lead up to the New York Pro 2021 has been an exciting one to say the least. This is largely due to two competitors who have been dominating the hype – Blessing Awodibu and Nick Walker. Their trash talk and rivalry has gone viral – but ultimately it will be their physiques on the stage that decide if the hype was worth it. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Blessing Awodibu gives us an inside look at his contest prep and mindset going into the New York Pro 2021.

In our previous interview segment with Blessing Awodibu, we focused on his rivalry with Nick Walker. It’s been one of the most exciting aspects leading up the New York Pro. Blessing wants to bring entertainment and hype back to bodybuilding. To him, the rivalry leading up to the competition is all for show. It’s to make bodybuilding more exciting.

But hype and trash talk only go so far. Bodybuilding is about the work and judging based off Blessing Awodibu’s latest physique updates on Instagram – it seems he is certainly putting in the work. We won’t know for sure exactly what Blessing and Nick Walker’s physiques will look like on the day of the show. At the moment, it’s looking to be an impressive battle.

Right now, though, it’s all about the work. Blessing has been bringing attention to himself and the New York Pro with his online presence – but what’s his tactics behind the scenes? We asked him to break down his diet and training routine leading up to the show.

Even when it comes to training and diet – Blessing Awodibu exudes confidence. While he didn’t give specifics about his nutrition or training plan, he did reveal that the strategy slightly changes day by day.

He doesn’t focus on a specific amount of calories or an extremely strict daily diet. He works with his coach to adjust and reevaluate what feels right for his body. He makes it sound easy – but the results we’ve seen in his Instagram physique updates showcase he is truly in tune with his body. It probably helps to have someone like Chad Nicholls in his corner as well.

But what about touch ups and brining up lagging body parts? We asked Blessing what his weak points where and how he plans to improve them leading up to the New York Pro. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Blessing Awodibu had a short and simple answer – he has no weak points.

This kind of confidence can either be a sign of a truly significant bodybuilder about to blow up the sport or a man who lets confidence and pride get in the way of seeing his flaws. It’s hard to say without seeing the end result on stage. But his confidence is infectious. If he can back up his words it will not only be an exciting New York Pro but an exciting year of bodybuilding.

Right now one thing is clear, Blessing Awodibu goes big and hard with everything he does. He hypes up before the show. He has extreme confidence in his physique. When asked if he trains heavy with less reps or light with more reps he simply answers – heavy weight and lots of reps. He’s a non-stop train. Let’s see how he shows up on game night.

You can watch Blessing Awodibu go into more detail about his nutrition and training prep for the New York Pro in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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