Best Ways To Improve Your Body Composition For That Ultimate Physique

body composition

Change your body composition and sculpt that shredded aesthetic.

We all want that shredded aesthetic, but too often do we not fully understand body composition and what it actually means. This baseline knowledge of body composition that many of us have is a great foundation, but at the end of the day, knowing what it is and how best to improve it, or totally change it, can go a long way.

You hear about body composition, body fat percentage, and all of those terms but just how much do you actually know? And do you know enough to change and improve it? While most of this reflects a strict lifestyle of working out, eating right, and keeping other aspects of your lifestyle in check, it is possible to improve your body composition so you see those results you want most.


Let’s get into this and talk body composition, body fat percentage, and how to best improve all of these for the best gains possible. By the end of this, you will have set yourself up for what matters most, and that being a well-sculpted and well-worked on physique.

body composition

What Exactly Is Body Composition?

Body composition in the measure of fat, muscle, and bone as it pertains to an individual. This does not necessarily have to do with how much you weigh, but rather what your body fat percentage is. So, two people weighing 200 lbs. will have different body compositions depending on a number of factors. To make things simple, losing fat and gaining more muscle is putting you in a more healthy spot (1).

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When it comes to your body fat and measuring your body fat percentage, there are a few factors to consider that can help us understand this. Sex and gender, age, how active you are, and what your lifestyle is around food, among others, can influence your body fat percentage so knowing all of this information and how it affects you is more than important to know (2).

body composition

Best Ways To Improve Body Composition

Knowing the best ways to improve your body composition can go a long way and should not be overlooked as an effective way to see great gains. All of these tips are achievable and it just takes you wanting to work at it and setting the best goals to get there as fast as possible.

  • Set A Realistic Goal

To start, setting a realistic goal for yourself is super important. Too often do we make massive goals that are simply unreachable. We start to fail and fail and ultimately give up because we aren’t hitting our goals. Smaller battles help win the larger war and by setting these smaller, more attainable goals for yourself, you start to hit bigger goals, and ultimately, that end goal.


  • Focus On Strength Training

Changing your body composition requires you to focus on lifting weights. Strength training, and doing so effectively, will build muscle and through this, you start to see better development and an overall sense that your muscle growth is starting to show. When you take your shirt off and see more definition than before, it only makes you want to work harder (3).

Keeping a journal of your weights so you can see progress is important, but you also need to be increasing in weight to continue to build as much muscle as possible.

body composition

  • Work With HIIT

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great form of cardio that allows you to lose fat while also building muscle. Longer, more steady forms of cardio will build endurance, but you start to pull from muscle stores for energy which can be costly. Focusing on more intense forms of cardio still build endurance, keeps on that lean muscle, and works to burn more calories so you actually see weight loss results (4).

  • It’s All About The Kitchen

This could not be more true. Working out only goes so far if your diet is not on point. What happens in the kitchen and what food you make for yourself greatly impacts body composition and how this is handled. Eating right is incredibly important and while it is okay to cheat here and there, having the best quality food in your diet goes a long way. Don’t let all that hard work go to waste once you step back into the house.

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  • Don’t Let Sleep Slide

You absolutely cannot let sleep slide, for sleep is a vital part of our bodies and the recovery process. If you are someone looking to keep on lean muscle, then focusing on sleep and giving yourself the best chance at recovery can go a long way. Don’t let sleep slide and really work to emphasize this in your routine (5).

  • In Supplements We Trust

Supplements can be a helping hand when it comes to changing body composition and with the right approach to supplementation, a quality product can go a long way. Whether that be a protein powder, pre-workout, fat burner, or many more, you will see results.

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Wrap Up

Changing your body composition may seem challenging but it is absolutely possible with the right approach. Knowing the best tips and how best to attack this can go a long way so put your focus on the right things. The best approach to this is optimizing both fitness and nutrition so you see those results you want most.

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