Generation Iron Addo Trains Elderly BodybuildingMartin Luther King Addo uses his bodybuilding expertise to help senior citizens restore mobility, strength, and a whole lot more.

Most often during this time of the year – bodybuilding fans get all wrapped up in the excitement and intensity of competition. With Olympia right around the corner, it’s all about who is bigger; who has more symmetry; and who will be #1. That’s all well and good, but there is the other side of bodybuilding that is equally important – self improvement.

That’s where Martin Luther King Addo comes in. He currently runs a fitness club for the elderly to regain strength and balance – especially if they have had past accidents that have damaged or disabled them.

The Deccan Herald just published an article about Addo’s story and his commitment to the NYC community – and it’s a truly uplifting inspirational story. Back in West Africa, Addo had his entire life changed when he first saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. He was mesmerized by the amazing feats that Arnold was able to perform and instantly decided to lead a life just like Arnold. He soon turned his grandmother’s back yard into a gym and by age 24 he had grown to such immense size that he he was ready to compete in professional competitions.

“Addo, who honed his muscles using a mango tree as a pull-up bar and concrete blocks for dumbbells, is a two-time former winner of the Mr. Ghana bodybuilding championship. Years ago, his chiselled physique, bowling ball biceps and camera-ready smile brought him fame across his homeland in West Africa.”

-Deccan Herald

Now Addo spends his time in Manhattan and uses all of his learned knowledge and experience to help restore health and strength to senior citizens. He puts them through kettlebell dead lifts, lunges, and squats – things that many seniors thought they were too old to do.

And the results are nothing short of fantastic. The article provides example after example of seniors who were unable to move, get up out of their chair, or had trouble with dangerous falls – who can now achieve perfect balance and mobility without any help.

Not only that, but Addo provides something even more valuable than physical fitness. He gives them confidence and positive attitudes. Many of these people had become shut-ins; thinking that they were unable to keep their footing out in the active word. But because of Addo, many of these seniors are confidently strolling around town and feel in control for the first time in years.

Addo is more than a personal trainer. He is a coach and friend. He often provides uplifting motivational speeches for his clients as well as expert fitness advice. He has created a community. A community that has become empowered and energized with positive energy. In a sense, they have been given a piece of their life back.

Sure, bodybuilding will always have a competitive edge. Athletes will show off their bodies and reach for the gold. But bodybuilding is more than a sport. It’s a lifestyle. And for many senior citizens in New York – it’s a lifestyle that has improved their well being. We couldn’t be happier to hear that.


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