Jojo “Dark Horse” Ntiforo always wanted to be a superhero – now he is.

Jojo Ntiforo has recently been dubbed “The Dark Horse.” Why? Because he is the sneak attack that no one is expecting. A gentle demeanor can’t hide the powerhouse physique that he displays on the stage. Who knows, soon we may see Jojo taking into the top six at Mr. Olympia. Only time will tell.

But until then, we were able to grab a quick interview with Jojo while he was hanging out backstage. He ended up opening up about what inspired him to become a bodybuilder. His main inspiration? Superheroes. TheĀ over-exaggerated muscular physiques and the ultimate strength that they possess have always been a key reason why super heroes have inspired many of people – including apsiring bodybuilders. For Jojo, he was lucky enough (and worked hard enough) to finally become a superhero himself. Because what are bodybuilders if not a physical representation of what a superhero is: massive, powerful, and sharing their gift with the world.

Check out the video above to hear Jojo talk about it himself.

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