Do These Bodybuilders Make Ronnie Coleman Look Small?

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Is It Possible? Five Bodybuilders Who Dwarf Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman beat Arnold Schwarzenegger’s record for the highest number of Mr. Olympia wins by bringing the Sandow home 8 consecutive times. Ronnie Coleman along with Dorian Yates and Jay Cutler is credited with bringing the ‘mass movement’ to bodybuilding.

While Ronnie Coleman has the record for the most number of Mr. Olympia wins (tying with Lee Haney), there certainly are bigger and more muscular guys than him out in the wild. In this article, we won’t be considering bodybuilding titans like Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler, and would be focusing on lesser-known bodybuilders and athletes.

Gunter Schlierkamp


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Gunter Schilerkamp is nicknamed ‘The Gentle Giant’ and has given Ronnie Coleman a run for his money on multiple occasions. Gunter started his bodybuilding career when he moved from Germany to the United States in 1996.

Schlierkamp trained with the famous trainer Charles Glass in 2002 after which he finished first in the GNC Show of Strength competition beating the reigning Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. Unfortunately, Gunter couldn’t repeat this feat in the Mr. Olympia contest.

Greg Kovacs


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Greg Kovacs was a Canadian bodybuilder who held the title of the ‘Strongest Body Builder Alive’. In the late 90’s because of his sheer size, Greg was also considered the largest pro bodybuilder.

According to Muscle Insider, Greg weighted 420 pounds offseason and his competition weight was 330 lbs. At the prime of Greg’s career, his arms measured 27 inches and his chest was 70 inches. Kovacs passed away at the age of 44 due to a cardiac arrest.

Craig Golias


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You have probably seen Craig Golias in various memes but didn’t know who it was, until now. Golias stands at six feet and three inches tall and weighs 350 lbs. Craig competed as a bodybuilder when he weighed around 200 lbs but quit competing when he left humanity behind.

In an interview with the YouTuber, Luimarco, Craig stated he eats four meals a day and still maintains his superhuman mass. The next time you see this meme, you know how big Craig is.

Martyn Ford


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Martyn Ford is no ordinary human. Although the next two athletes are not the typical ‘bodybuilders’ like Ronnie Coleman, they can easily dwarf the legend. Martyn Ford has landed roles in several movies because of his insane physique and tattoos.

Ford is 6’8″ tall and can dwarf the majority of the people around him. Martyn Ford was training as a professional cricketer when he was injured and couldn’t continue the sport. He was determined to find a new passion, and bodybuilding found him.

Olivier Richters


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A young Dutchman by the name of Olivier Richters is probably the tallest bodybuilder in the world. Olivier can make modern-day strongmen and bodybuilders like Thor Bjornsson and Martyn Ford look like midgets.

Richters is seven feet and two inches tall and weighs in at around 300 pounds. Olivier Richters is busy doing TV commercials and movie work in Holland and occasionally competes in bodybuilding contests. Like most giants, Olivier plans on becoming the next WWE sensation and a Hollywood star.

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