Season Finale: The behind-the-scenes story of why Shawn Ray stopped competing.

BODYBUILDING CHRONICLES – dives deep into the most memorable and controversial historical moments in bodybuilding as told by Shawn Ray. Combining Shawn’s impressive historical knowledge of the sport with his own personal insights into major moments, Bodybuilding Chronicles reveals new information and gives the full picture on the bodybuilding industry’s epic history. New episodes air every Monday!

For every legendary bodybuilder – their career must eventually come to an end. Whether that’s by choice or by falling off of the top placing is a different matter. For Shawn Ray – he chose to walk away from the sport on his own and some believe he could have continued with some good placings under his belt. So why did he stop?

It call comes down to one name – and in this tell all behind the scenes story from Shawn Ray himself, we get to find out in exact detail why Shawn Ray decided to step off the stage for good. Could there have been an alternate history where Shawn Ray competed for a few more years? Find out in this episode of Bodybuilding Chronicles above!

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  1. Shawn Ray is nothing more than a short little black man who is a crybaby and he’s kissed ass his whole career to get where you got no one even likes them then he uses his daughter’s Fame to make money

  2. Shawn Ray sure likes complaining. But it’s tough believing that you’re the best and not getting the recognition for it. The 90’s was the most competitive era of bodybuilding. That’s why Shawn is deserving hall of fame(er).


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