Name: Shawn Ray

Nickname: The Giant Killer

Birth date: 9/9/1965

Division: Men’s Open

Height: 5’5″

Competition Weight: 205 – 215 lb

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Shawn Ray is an IFBB-certified pro bodybuilder from Fullerton, California. He was not a very athletic child, but joined a gym in college and quickly became immersed in the fitness and strength training lifestyles. He began to compete and was inspired to continue after placing second at the 1983 Orange Coast Championships, his first competition. He earned his pro card at the 1987 National Championships.

Ray is known for having an impressively long career in the industry, competing for over thirty years. During that time, he has only placed outside of the top five once. He cites bodybuilders Chris Dickerson and Bob Paris as two of his greatest inspirations for becoming a bodybuilder. He is also a published other and wrote The Shawn Ray Way to detail how he made it to the pro stage starting off as an amateur bodybuilder late in the game.

Scandal marked his career in 1990, when his first place win at the Arnold Classic was rescinded after he failed to pass a drug test. However, he went on to compete in and place first in many other bodybuilding competitions. He is currently retired and works with the SmartShake fitness nutrition company. He also previously wrote for Muscular Development and currently works at Generation Iron as a Senior Analyst.

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