Do You Need To Be A Fan Of Bodybuilding To Be A Bodybuilder?

Is it possible to be a passionate pro bodybuilder but not be a fan of the sport?

Competitive bodybuilding isn’t something you just pick up as a hobby. It’s a lifestyle that changes every single aspect of your being. Every single habit and every choice you make goes through the lens of bodybuilding. Since bodybuilding is so focused on the self – it brings up the question – do you have to be a fan of the sport in order to be a competitive bodybuilder? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, we asked that very question to Jamie LeRoyce McTizic – who went through long stretches of hating bodybuilding as he continued to compete.

Jamie LeRoyce McTizic has already detailed his rollercoaster of a career in bodybuilding. He became pro all natural, then turned towards steroids to improve his game, this led to a downward psychological spiral that nearly destroyed him. It also destroyed his love of bodybuilding as a fan. At least for a short period of time. He eventually regained stable footing, went all natural again, and returned to competing in the IFBB.

This entire experience made us wonder – do you have to be a fan of bodybuilding to be a pro bodybuilder? The experience of being a bodybuilder can often be isolated and lonely. There are also many people who focus on building a sculpted physique but avoid the sport all together. So if you actively compete – can you also not be a fan?

We asked this question to Jamie LeRoyce McTizic and he answered honestly from his own experience. “Absolutely, I’m a bodybuilder without being a fan of bodybuilding,” Jamie stated in our interview.

“I like the bodybuilding process. I like the process personally of building the muscle and… what you learn from it. People’s different aspects of how they lifted. And I really liked what Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman had to say… I was a fan of theirs and their training styles. But as far as bodybuilding as a whole and watching it. It was never really like that for me.”

Check out our latest GI Exclusive segment with Jamie LeRoyce McTizic above!

Jamie LeRoyce McTizic makes a specific but vital distinction here. He is not a fan of the sport. As in, watching the competitions, going to the expos, or caring about who wins and who loses. But he is a fan of the process and learning how to improve that process. He can be a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman – without caring about how many Mr. Olympia titles they won.

In fact, perhaps it’s harder to be a fan of bodybuilding while you are actively competing. The desire to improve and the desire to win might take the fan experience away from the sport. The person is now an athlete competitor – not a fan. The amount of extreme focus and dedication might suck the enjoyment out of simply being a fan.

Of course, this is certainly not true for all bodybuilders. But Jamie LeRoyce McTizic brings up interesting points that are rarely talked about. Bodybuilding is a discipline beyond simply being a sport. If a person is passionate about sculpting their physique – that doesn’t mean they are passionate about the sport overall. Perhaps they only compete because it’s a way of making a living doing what they love.

You can watch Jamie LeRoyce Mctizic go into more detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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