Brad Castleberry Bares All On How He Deals With Depression

Brad Castleberry talks about the lowest moments of his life and how he deals with depression to this day – in hopes of inspiring and helping others.

In a previous interview we did with Brad Castleberry last year, we discussed the lowest moment in his life. It was a devastating moment of his business career that left him broke on Christmas day. Since then he’s recovered but he still struggles with anxiety and depression. The feeling of never being good enough often looms in his mind. Castleberry has found healthy coping mechanisms that have gotten him through low points. In our latest GI Exclusive, Brad Castleberry reveals all about his inner thoughts and how he overcomes depression and anxiety.

2020 was a tough year for nearly everyone in the world to different degrees. It’s been reported that depression and anxiety are on the rise after such a turbulent time. While things do seem to be getting better globally – the mental struggles of many individuals could continue to press on for quite some time.

That’s why we asked Brad Castleberry how he deals with depressive thoughts and anxiety. Castleberry has dealt with many past traumas in his life between a business partnership that left him penniless, personal family struggles, and being a controversial online persona that receives extensive online hate.

Over the past few years, Brad Castleberry has grown into a very different kind of bodybuilder and man. What used to be of value to him today is very different than just five years ago. Most notably, he is open to speaking about it candidly and at length. In our latest interview, Castleberry held nothing back discussing not only his past struggles – but how he continues to have be, in his own words, “crazy in my mind a lot of the time.”

Brad Castleberry starts off by expressing the importance of communication and finding help. He cannot stress enough how much unloading depressive thoughts can be towards finding stability. Keeping it bottled up inside can only lead to more torment and possible dangerous actions – including self harm.


Brad Castleberry also understands that some people are in tough situation. They may be lonely with no one to turn to for an open conversation. He presses that therapy or counseling should not be taboo. It should be something everyone has access to and should not be ashamed to engage in.

Brad Castleberry also shares some small habits that can help bring out more calming thoughts. When Castleberry faces darker thoughts of feeling unsuccessful or incomplete – he takes a walk, goes hiking, and simply makes sure to be outside in nature. While this isn’t medical advice – breaking bad habits and entering out into the world, even alone, could have healing affects on a moment of crisis. Or at least, that’s what works for Castleberry.

He also points out how even the most basic principles of bodybuilding are helpful in keeping a more stable foundation both mentally and physically. Eating healthy and finding a routine in training that betters your body can bring a sense of progress at times when a person might be feeling lost. Small incremental improvements day by day can make a big difference in dealing with anxiety and depression. Bodybuilding provides exactly that. Daily small improvements to your health and physique


But the true crux of Brad Castleberry’s advice doesn’t necessarily come from his specific tips – but more from how earnest and honest he is in this conversation. More than anything, he seems like a person who hopes to make some sort of connection through his transparency. A far cry from the viral bodybuilder who was often dodgy and accused of lifting fake weights.

You can watch Brad Castleberry bare all about his past experiences with depression and how he continues to find healthy ways to cope to this day. Watch it all in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!