Brad Castleberry Reacts To Recent Videos Defending Against Ongoing Fake Weight Criticism

Brad Castleberry talks about his new viral videos and reflects on recent big names such as Joe Rogan defending him against fake weight accusations.

Brad Castleberry has stepped slowly away from massive weightlifting viral videos. Instead, he now focuses on different kind of athletic feats beyond the weights. He focuses more on a calisthenic approach with videos that continue to go viral. Somewhat removed from his older videos, Castleberry spends some time with us reflecting on the fake weight criticism he has received over the years. In our latest GI Exclusive, Brad Castleberry reacts to recent videos, such as Joe Rogan, defending Brad against fake weight critics.

Brad Castleberry has alway brought controversy in the bodybuilding world. This is almost exclusively because of his viral weightlifting videos. Many fans in bodybuilding believe that his videos are staged with fake weights. Some YouTubers have even gone to great lengths to analyze the videos and prove that the weights are, indeed, fake.

Of course, due to these critics not being able to inspect the weights in person – there is no conclusive evidence that can prove Brad Castleberry lifts fake weights. This causes the criticism to continue in loops indefinitely. Bodybuilding fans criticize, Castleberry fans defend, and then repeat.

Over time, Brad Castleberry has moved away from the ego lifting viral videos of the past and move towards more calisthenic viral videos. These, of course, hard harder to fake and in general the criticism against him has subsided. Yet his reputation for lifting fake weights after criticism for years has stuck.

In fact, his reputation for fake weights has grown so much that larger online personalities have started to chime in – including Joe Rogan on his podcast. Most interestingly, Joe Rogan has defended Castleberry, believing that the lifts are most likely legitimate. Powerlifter Pitbull Torres has also gone on record to say he believes Castleberry’s lifts are very possible. He sees no reason why they would be fake.


Specifically, both of these men look towards where the videos are being filmed. Namely, these videos are happening largely in commercial gyms. How would Brad Castelberry be able to bring in fake weights to a commercial gym without being caught? Or even more so, without causing trouble with management.

Again, ultimately this is all speculation. We can’t know anything for certain without being there in person. Regardless, we asked Brad Castleberry his thoughts on the more recent videos discussing his weightlifting videos. He feels honored that there are finally credible larger names that are defending him.


While he finds these comments satisfying – he also stands by his original statements. He always knew, in his words, that his videos were not faked. He has grown over the years to learn how to not worry about comments. He simply does what not only makes him happy but what works for his loyal followers. It works for him. He avoids worrying about the criticism and continues to move on.

You can watch Brad Castleberry’s full reaction to defenders against fake weight criticism in our GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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