Bradley Martyn’s Guide To Getting Injured In The Gym

Bradley Martyn’s Guide To Getting Injured In The Gym

It’s no secret Bradley Martyn is an unconventional guy when it comes to his workouts. While his videos can be entertaining, they can be dangerous for him and the people around him.

We strongly believe some of his crazy videos should come with a “Don’t try this at home, gym or anywhere” disclaimer. Bradley has recently opened his own gym called “Zoo” which has now become the new place for all his madness. He has was also most recently featured in our documentary film Generation Iron 3 musing on the past, present, and future of bodybuilding.

If you’re unaware of the insane things Martyn does in the gym, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together Bradley Martyn’s guide to getting injured in the gym just for you. While guides are meant to be followed, this one is better left alone.

This Is How You Break Your Back

We’ll be honest we cringed a little when we saw this video. Bradley Martyn is a beast when it comes to strength, but this is a recipe for disaster. It’s safe to say an injury was on the horizon here.

How About A Bicep Tear?

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In that @bmfitgear swagggg

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Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, don’t do this. While this video displays Martyn’s excellent mobility and strength, this exercise can do more harm than good. Stick with the good old deadlifts.

Accelerate Towards An Injury

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Why Bradley, why? His knees couldn’t have taken the weight of the tire, notice the ball under his lower body. We really want to see how he got the tire on and off his back. Don’t try this exercise, use weight plates instead.

When You Can’t Get Your Priorities Straight

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When it's leg day…but EVERYDAY IS ARM DAY! @BMFITGEAR

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This guy has some serious skills. Because squatting with hands off the bar wasn’t enough. Bradley wouldn’t have been able to control the weights on his back if something had gone wrong. We can just imagine the practice which goes into doing this.

Arms Are His Favourite

Core strength and stability on display here. It’s crazy how Bradley Martyn can deadlift 315lb with a single arm and bicep curl 70lb with the other arm. This is when you realize some guys are gifted.

One of a Kind

It hurts just watching this video. We were expecting his knees to pop while doing whatever this is. We’re glad Bradley came out unhurt after this exercise. We wonder where he gets these ideas.

Team Work

This is what it looks like when only a single person is working in the entire team. Imagine what would happen if one of the girls get scared and decides to bail on Bradley while he is overhead squatting.

Picking Up Girls In The Gym

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Incline press and chill 😈🔑 (@bmfitnutrition 💊)

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Let Martyn be your guru for how to pick girls in the gym. Bradley is known for using girls as weights in the gym. The biggest task for him would be to find two girls of the same weight. Going around asking girls their weights sounds like a lot of work – and weird.

Celebrating Independence

Bradley Martyn has his own way of celebrating 4th of July. Those small dumbbells in Martyn’s hands are 120lbs. We love how coordinated and well performed both these exercises are.

A Different Kind of a Spot

Spot me? More like watch me. Bradley Martyn is amazing at balancing two girls while squatting with hands off the bar. Bradley is one of the best squatters in the fitness industry. His mobility and range of motion are off the charts.

This article is not meant to diss anything Bradley Martyn does. It is for entertainment purposes only.

Can you squat with no hands on the bar?

Let us know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow Generation Iron on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Good Way to get hurt that’s all I see . He has so many people who looks up to him An see that An is like oh will if he thinks it’s ok I will go try it next thing you know bicips tore back broke or dead lol but all seriousness just grow up. Your one of them ego lifters you always say shouldn’t be in the gym.

  2. These are obviously humorous stunts and dont need a disclaimer. Whoever would take it as real workout advice should get injured and hopefully taken out of the genepool. BTW. his videos with dom maezzetti are hilarious.


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