Olympia Champ Brandon Curry Teaches Son How to Lift

Brandon Curry shows his son the ropes.

It takes passion to become a high level bodybuilder. While some may be able to take it for a period of time, eventually there comes a time when one must commit. The drive and determination to build one’s body to their own perfection takes inspiration. Without inspiration it can truly be difficult to get through the rough days in the gym. No one knows this better than Brandon Curry.

For Olympia champion Brandon Curry his passion for bodybuilding was inspired by receiving Hulk Hogan branded dumbbells at the age of six. While it may have been a simple motivation to go down the path of bodybuilding, it was the spark that pushed Brandon Curry to follow his dream. That dream led to the biggest win of his career in September 2019 as he was crowned Mr. Olympia.

Now it appears that Brandon Curry himself has become a source of inspiration to a great many youngsters looking to chase their own dreams of becoming bodybuilding champions. Chief among them is none other than his own son.

In this Instagram clip, Brandon Curry shows his son the ropes and how to lift like an experienced bodybuilder.

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Header image courtesy of Instagram




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