Brandon Hendrickson shares his thoughts on the Olympia 2020 Men’s Open and Big Ramy’s win.

For the most part, the Olympia 2020 was one removed from controversy. At least, there was little controversy over the judges decisions in the Men’s Open category. Fans may have their favorite athlete, but the overwhelming consensus seems to positive that Big Ramy finally won his first Olympia title. Men’s Physique Olympia champion Brandon Hendrickson counts himself among those people. In our latest GI Exclusive, Brandon Hendrickson shares his reaction to the Olympia 2020 results.

It’s always interesting to get the opinion of other Olympia champions on the results of the Men’s Open Olympia. That’s why during our conversation with Olympia 2020 Men’s Physique champion Brandon Hendrickson, we asked his thoughts on the lineup and results of the main event. Hendrickson didn’t speak much on many of the other competitors in the division – but that’s only because of how happy he was that Big Ramy won.

Brandon Hendrickson immediately answers with glee on how happy he is that Big Ramy won the Olympia. Not only that but he sees this as the beginning of a new reign. With the kind of conditioning and size Big Ramy brought, there’s hardly anyone else he thinks that can compete.

Of course, it remains to be seen if Big Ramy can maintain his current incredible physique. He’s had a history of waxing and waning conditioning over the years. After his second place victory in 2017, he followed that up in 2018 by dropping down to sixth place. His conditioning was clearly much worse and it left fans disappointed. In fact, even Big Ramy himself apologized to his fans shortly after his lackluster placing.

Brandon Hendrickson isn’t worried though. He believes that with this showing in 2020, Big Ramy has unlocked the formula to bring his physique to near-perfection. Hendrickson is confident that Ramy will be able to continue this focus and only improve from here.

Brandon Hendrickson goes on to say that Big Ramy might be the next Ronnie Coleman. Specifically in the sense that it seems there are no other bodybuilders who could even come close to Ramy if he stays in perfect shape.

Ronnie Coleman himself predicted that Big Ramy would be the next reigning Olympia champion. While he fell short of calling him the next coming of himself, he did think that each era has their own unique Olympia reigning champ. He thinks Big Ramy is that next reigning champ.

So Brandon Hendrickson is in good company with his opinion on the future of Big Ramy. Some fans might be concerned as to whether or not Ramy can keep his work ethic on point. But perhaps the past is the past and a new Big Ramy stands before us. One that is ready and willing to maintain champion status throughout the next few years.

You can watch Brandon Hendrickson’s full comments about Big Ramy and the Men’s Open Olympia 2020 in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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