Brandon Hendrickson takes us through every single moment of the Men’s Physique Olympia 2020 building towards his epic victory.

Brandon Hendrickson is a previous Olympia Men’s Physique winner. He earned that distinction in 2018. A year later, he lost to Raymont Edmonds. Fans began to wonder, was Hendrickson’s Olympia status a one time fluke? Hendrickson proved those doubters wrong this year with an epic victory at the Olympia 2020. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Brandon Hendrickson gives us an extremely detailed first hand play-by-play of his battle towards Olympia victory.

The minute we reconnect with Brandon Hendrickson you can feel the positive energy. Our conversation was just one week after his big win at the Olympia 2020. He’s now once again a Men’s Physique Olympia champion. You can tell without even reading the news just based off his energy during our video call.

That same energy goes into his recollection of his battle on the Olympia 2020 stage. We asked Brandon Hendrickson to break down his experience from pre-judging all the way through finals. Not only did he answer, he answered with incredible detail.

Brandon Hendrickson reveals the smallest of dramatic details that were hard to notice as an audience member looking at the stage. He faced an extreme cramp during the comparison rounds that nearly derailed his entire chance at earning the Olympia victory. While waiting on the sidelines to be called into a comparison lineup – Hendrickson started stretching on stage. He claims if you look back at the live feed you can see the moment.

Brandon Hendrickson then details the tactics he used on the fly to hide the side of his body that was cramping. He focused on presenting his best angles, hiding the weakness caused by the cramp, and using the illusion from angles to his advantage.

Hendrickson also reveals that his individual posing routine was completely free-styled. While he practiced perfecting his mandatory poses – he just let the music flow through him during his individual routine.

Often times bodybuilding can seem unexciting to the casual observer. The night of competitions can be similar to long distance racing. The slightest of nuances determine the drama of the event. Much of the battle is happening mentally. If you could get into the mind of a runner or a bodybuilder while competing – you’d witness a full scale drama unfold.

Brandon Hendrickson verbalizes this drama during our interview. He gives us each and every detail. The moments he slipped, the moments he soared. He event details the moment when he realized he would win – and then ate up the energy be showcasing the best poses of his life.

Word cannot due his energy justice. It’s something you need to watch for yourself. So check out Brandon Hendrickson’s full comments on his Olympia 2020 battle and win. You can watch it in the GI Exclusive interview segment above!