Will WWE Superstar Braun Strowman Take On Bodybuilding?

WWE Superstar Braun Strowman is a former Strongman, but he might have his eyes on a new type of strength sport.

A recent Instagram post from Braun Strowman seemed to confirm fan speculation that he had been working on his physique and was contemplating starting a bodybuilding career. You can check out the post in full below to get a sense of Strowman’s physique leading up to the competition, which is in Orlando, Florida.

Clearly, Braun Strowman has a great physique for wrestling, but how would that translate on the bodybuilding stage? He’s got a well-developed back and arms but would need to lose weight if he wanted to be serious about placing at any bodybuilding competition, even one at the amateur level. Strowman himself questioned this in the post and wondered aloud in the caption, saying he would like to “see what happens…I think I can walk on stage at over 340 lbs.”

There’s a long history of crossover for these two sports and for a great like Strowman it would probably not be especially difficult to hone the bodybuilding skillset. It’s clear from his history as a wrestler and Strongman that he has the raw strength and power necessary to succeed, all he would really need to get onto a bodybuilding stage is the self-discipline to cut and really reveal his physique. He already has a fondness for the official bodybuilding uniform:

Braun Strowman has been a regular on the WWE circuit for five years now and has credited the sport with dramatically improving his body image and self esteem. Like many pro wrestlers, bodybuilders, and strongmen alike, Strowman reported being bullied as a younger child and turning to strength sports as a way to feel some control over his life and have better self-esteem.

In WWE 24, Strowman opened up about how being fat impacted his overall childhood: “I just didn’t understand why I would get picked on because I was friendly. I’m a fun person, like when I walk into a room I like making people laugh and stuff so it was really hard as a young kid growing up understand. I knew I was fat. Dealing with that, hearing it over and over and over, it wears on you. I mean this is hard to talk about.”

Childhood trauma can leave scars that last a lifetime, but there are many great athletes who have found ways to overcome their fears and insecurities through fitness. Strowman is no exception to the rule as he’s rapidly risen to WWE greatness. There’s no telling where his potential could take him next, whether that be further into WWE, or a return to Strongman, or even (fingers crossed) a stunning bodybuilding debut. The only thing certain here is that Strowman has the hard work, determination, and genetic gifts to make his body work for him on the stage — and we’re certainly not going to bully him about that!

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