Breon Ansley Announces 2024 Will Be His Final Year In Classic Physique

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Breon Ansley plans to move on and see how his muscle can change in other divisions.

Breon Ansley has given thought to moving on from the Classic Physique division in the past. After setting his sights on Men’s 212, Ansley decided to return to Classic ahead of the 2023 Olympia after guidelines were changed. Now, the plan is to move on once again. Ansley announced that 2024 will be his final year in Classic Physique.

Ansley has put together an extremely successful career in Classic Physique. He began his amateur career in 2012 and earned his Pro Card the very next year by winning the NPC USA Championships. He quickly rose to the top of Classic Physique, winning his first Olympia at the 2017 Olympia. Ansley continued to improve as he won both the 2018 Arnold Classic and the 2018 Olympia.

In 2025, Ansley plans to move on from Classic and see how his muscle changes as well.

“Without a doubt, this will be my last Classic year. 2024, 1,000%, no question about it.

It is finally time, even with the weight increase to 187 pounds, it is finally time to really see how much my muscle can expand, how much it can grow, how much it can develop, through all of this hard work.”

Ansley continued to discuss his own personal performance while breaking down how he sees Classic Physique changing moving forward.

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Breon Ansley Moving On From Classic Physique

After announcing his decision to move on, Breon Ansley discussed his thoughts on Classic Physique and where he believes it is heading.

“I see Classic being well-rounded, muscularity, conditioning, details, density, shape, structure, everything being taken into account. I think the criteria with the taller guys lends itself more to shape and structure, and all of the other stuff is kind of secondary.”

Despite guidelines changing regarding weight in Classic Physique, Ansley believes that judges will favor the taller athletes due to their structure.

“My shape was good. My lat to waist to quad ratio maybe isn’t as dominant. I thought it was great at the Arnold Classic Ohio. If you have just a big structure, that is going to be dominant.

I probably agree with the judges, that if I’m 190 pounds on stage, then a taller guy at 230, 240, 245 is going to look considerably bigger than me. He has a lot bigger structure and a lot more muscle, and the eyes are going to be drawn to the taller guy.”

Breon Ansley has an incredible resume on stage and there is more to come. Beginning in 2025, Ansley will look to write a new story on stage.

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