Olympia 2018 Classic Physique Results

Breon Ansley wins the 2018 Classic Physique Olympia title!

The Classic Physique division remains exciting within its early years -as we have yet to have a repeat champion locked… but will that change tonight at the Olympia 2018?  The results are in – find out below:

Olympia 2018 Classic Physique Results

  • First Place – Breon Ansley
  • Second Place – Chris Bumstead
  • Third Place – George Peterson
  • Fourth Place – Henri-Pierre Ano
  • Fifth Place – Arash Rahbar
  • Sixth Place – Dani Younan
  • Seventh Place – Steve Laureus
  • Eighth Place – Regan Grimes
  • Ninth Place – Terrence Ruffin
  • Tenth Place – Courage Opara

Olympia 2018 Classic Physique Official Scorecard

Olympia 2018 Classic Physique Score Cards

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