Breon Ansley Full Interview | Classic Physique vs Men’s 212 & Chris Bumstead Rivalry

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Breon Ansley is one of the most iconic Classic Physique competitors since the division’s inception. He’s a two time Olympia champion and helped set the standard for what Classic Physique should look like. But over the past two years, Ansley has been challenged by his rival Chris Bumstead – who has now won the Olympia two years in a row.

That’s why last year we connected with Breon Ansley over a video call to talk about his future plans, his rivalry with Chris Bumstead and many other topics. This interview took place right before the Olympia 2020.

Over the past year we’ve released multiple GI Exclusive segments from our interview with Breon Ansley. This uncut full length interview includes topics such as his training tactics for Olympia, whether or not he will one day transition to Men’s 212, and his mindset about his rivalry with Chris Bumstead.

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Breon Ansley clarifies his past comments and about Chris Bumstead and his thoughts on their rivalry

Breon Ansley is and always has been a respectful and confident pro bodybuilder in the Classic Physique division. So it came as a shock to some when he seemingly agreed with Bradley Martyn – who claimed that Chris Bumstead was lacking in certain areas of his physique despite winning the Olympia 2019.

The video clip went viral and made headlines across many bodybuilding media outlets including Generation Iron. After this – it seemed that Breon Ansley was unhappy on how he was presented in the news stories, making comments on social media that the headlines were misleading.

To clarify the entire situation, we connected with Breon Ansley via video chat to discuss not only his past comments but the upcoming Olympia 2020 and the future of Classic Physique as a whole. Of course, ultimately Breon Ansley lost again to Bumstead at the 2020 Olympia – but it’s interesting to see Ansley’s mindset about his strongest rival.

Breon Ansley Answers: Will He Transition To The Men’s 212 Division?

Breon Ansley wants to make one thing clear – his number one goal is to reclaim his Classic Physique Olympia title. The Classic Physique fandom was shocked in 2019, when Chris Bumstead beat out Ansley for the first place Olympia trophy. Ansley has no desire to put his tail between his legs and run away. He’s ready to reclaim his thrown and prove himself as the ultimate Classic Physique champion.

So of course, this means that the recent rumors swirling around about Breon Ansley moving to Men’s 212 are not true. At least, not true in the immediate future. In our video conversation with Ansley, we asked him if there was any validity to the rumors.

Breon answered with a confident no – and explained that his statements were taken out of context or perhaps misunderstood. His number one focus is on the Classic Physique Olympia 2020. He has no desire to change things up at the moment.

While it seems the initial rumors were based off of misinformation – Breon Ansley did leave 2021 open for any possibilities. Despite being a confident “no” about switching divisions this year, Ansley admits that Men’s 212 might be a slight possibility down the road.

Now that we are, in fact, in the 2021 season – it will be interesting to see if any of his musings come to actuality. Will Breon Ansley maintain his Classic Physique course until he regains the title? Or has a second loss opened him up further to a future in Men’s 212. Right now – nothing is certain.

Wrap Up

We discuss many more topics with Breon Ansley than what can be fully covered in this article. That’s why you should check out the full GI Exclusive interview above! We discuss far many more topics including his training tactics, the future of Classic Physique as a whole, and more!

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