Brett Wilkin Looks Massive During Guest Posing Appearance At NPC Twin Cities Open

Guest Posing

Brett Wilkin is extremely conditioned at 280 pounds!

Brett Wilkin is one of the up-and-coming talents in the Men’s Open division. He competed at the Arnold Classic back in March but did not put on the performance he was hoping for. Now, it is clear that Wilkin has put on some serious size and made improvements since that event. Wilkin recently appeared on stage as a guest poser during the NPC Twin Cities Open and showed off his size.

Wilkin took to Instagram to share his posing routine and the fact that he was between 275-280 pounds on stage. When looking at the complete package for Wilkin, he does not lack any body part and is extremely conditioned all over.

“Here’s a clip/pics from the guest posing weighing around 275-280lbs. Have a few more guest posings coming up in Denver and Baton Rouge ahead that I’m looking forward to as we continue to progress in this offseason.”

Brett Wilkin finished second at the 2021 Chicago Pro last season in his only appearance on stage. This set the bar high for his performance in Columbus but Wilkin landed sixth during the Arnold. In a recent interview with Desktop BodybuildingWilkin expressed interested in competing again this season.

Brett Wilkin

When Will Brett Wilkin Compete Again?

It was assumed that Brett Wilkin would not compete again this season following the Arnold Classic. He would have time to make the necessary improvements to his physique for the 2023 season.

Instead, Wilkin wants to get back on stage to see how he stacks up. If his guest posing appearance is any indication, Wilkin might be prepared.

“Really pushing training. That was the goal. The weight is coming back on. You know, with travel and shit, lost 10-12 pounds but it’s already back on. I was back up to like 274 this morning. I really want to, and I know there’s going to be questions, I really want to compete again this year so I’m going to train really hard over these next few months to compete again in one of the later shows.”

It is unknown what show Brett Wilkin will compete in. He does expect to guest pose at other events over the next few months. It is clear that he has put on size and is improved even from March during the Arnold Classic.

“I might have to go overseas for one of these shows but I’m excited. that’s going to be a lot of fun. I have a chip on my shoulder because I didn’t show out what I’m capable of at the Arnold.”

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