Brian Dobson tells more behind the scenes Metroflex Gym stories of training with Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren.

In the bodybuilding word, Metroflex Gym is the personification of hardcore training. Everything from the way the gym looks to the people who train inside it scream intense weight training. Two pro bodybuilders in particular were standouts for making Metroflex their home – Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren. Both known for their hardcore training styles, their superstar status brought even more attention to the now legendary gym. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Metroflex Gym owner Brian Dobson shares more insider stories of Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren training at the gym.

Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren are both larger than life bodybuilders. This isn’t only due to their incredible mass monster physiques but also their famous hardcore training style. Ronnie’s “Lightweight baby!” and “Yeah Buddy!” catchphrases are known to all in the bodybuilding world. Likewise, Branch Warren’s intensity was showcased in all of its grit and glory in the Generation Iron documentary.

There are famous viral videos of each of these bodybuilders that have become motivational symbols to those looking to take their training to the next level. But for as much as we have seen of Ronnie and Branch’s hardcore training regimen, there is surely hundreds of moments that were never caught on camera.

That’s where Brian Dobson comes in. Owner of the original Metroflex Gym in Texas, he had a first hand view of both Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren training at his gym. That’s why we asked Brian Dobson to share some unheard stories from his memories of training with Ronnie and Branch.

Brian Dobson already shared a few insider stories in our previous GI Exclusive interview segment – but there were so many great moments that we broke it up into a second video as well. This time featuring a great moment Dobson remembers of Ronnie Coleman and Branch Warren training together. As you could expect, it’s a a memorable moment that represents exactly what made both of these athletes superstars in the sport.

What’s more important, is that Brian Dobson brings attention that these two athletes also maintained jobs alongside their pro bodybuilding careers. The kind of intensity they were able to bring to their workouts on top of the involved day jobs they also maintained showcases exactly the kind of work ethic that made these two competitors so successful.

You can watch Brian Dobson explain it all in more detail by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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