Tips for Building Abs While Keeping A Narrow Waist

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Want shredded abs with a narrow waistline?

When you consider building a shredded midsection many would consider using the traditional methods that have been popularized for decades now, your standard abdominal exercises. For the most part many people have utilized the basic and classic ab based exercises in order to build solid abs. The truth is that though this training may help to build muscle in the abdominal region, it does little to help keep your waist narrow. In fact doing ab specific exercises without proper diet and fat burning measures can help to expand your waistline rather than taper it. That being said, are there ways to build abs without expanding the waistline?

Let’s break down how to build up your abs, as well as how to keep your waistline thin during the process.

Abdominal Training Overview

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You have probably seen those “get abs in 30 minutes” workout routines that are popular amongst the people just starting out in the gym. But in reality, having visible abs with a thin waistline goes a lot more in depth than just doing a few crunches and bicycle kicks, and unfortunately it takes more than 30 minutes. That being said, we are going to take a look at what it takes to obtain visible abs with a thin waistline.

The Importance of Building Abs

While many people train abs for the aesthetics and looking shredded on the beach, having a strong midsection is actually extremely beneficial for other lifts, as well as functionality, as you use your core when you are doing things like picking up weights all the way to carrying the groceries into the house. So what does that mean for the traditional school of thought on abdominal training? Well, it all depends on what kind of sport you’re competing in or what kind of task you are completing.

Having a strong midsection can help for certain lifting based sports like strongman competitions as well as powerlifting. When the athletes are lifting the stones or pulling a massive deadlift or squatting a lot, they are utilizing their midsections heavily. The core has to be braced in order to pick up that stone or pull that barbell up. While products like weightlifting belts will help with keeping the core tight, a strong midsection tops all.

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The importance of strong abdominals does not stop with strength sports though, because combat sports are also where you’ll need strong muscles in the core as a form of protective armor. But even in those cases there are other exercises that can be performed to strengthen the midsection.

For a bodybuilder looking to stay aesthetic doing sit ups, weighted cable crunches, and oblique crunches will strengthen the abs, but might not give you that thin waist that you want. It will certainly be stronger, but it won’t be narrow. So how exactly do you build up great ab muscles and a slim waistline without focusing on ab exercises?

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen

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The age old saying “abs are made in the kitchen” is pretty much correct, while training the abdominals is great for building the muscle mass, dieting will help to keep the fat off enough for you to have a thin waist. You need to have a proper macronutrient intake and be in a caloric deficit to really shed the fat but keep building the muscle. You want to take in enough protein to build some solid muscle mass in the midsection, because when you cut, if you haven’t built up that muscle mass, it just won’t look right. However, you also need to realize that a caloric deficit is the fastest way to lose body fat, keeping your waistline thin and showing off those hard earned abs that you have built.

Fat Burners for a Thin Waistline

Another way to accompany a solid fat burning diet, is an actual fat burning supplement. Now, supplements will not replace the hard work, so when you are looking to get visible abs with a slim waistline, you still have to diet and train, but a fat burning supplement will help to excel the progress a little bit. That being said, we have hand picked our favorite fat burning supplement over at Generation Iron to really help you slim your waist, but make sure that you are still keeping that hard earned muscle mass underneath.


When your diet or fasted cardio begin to feel like chores, this uniquely explosive thermogenic will kick your ass into overdrive.

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It is worth noting that this fat burner is caffeinated, so if you are trying to stay away from caffeine, then perhaps finding a stim-free option is your best bet.

Kill Switch Thermogenic
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Building Abs Without Expanding Your Waist Wrap Up

The bottom line is that having visible abs with a thin waistline is certainly more complex than just doing a few sit ups and calling it a day. Having abs with a thin waist is broken down into diet, training, and supplementation. If you do not have the muscle mass built, then when you shed the fat it won’t look like you have a six pack.

By dieting correctly, consuming the right amount of water, and performing traditional compound exercises like the squat and deadlift, your abs will show with no problems. It’s about blasting the fatty tissue around the abdominal wall. By getting rid of the fat, your abs will be looking shredded and most importantly your waist will remain narrow.

How do you build up your abs?

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