Try This To Bust Through A Plateau And Make Gains Forever

Never stop making gains.

It’s that inevitability that all lifters must face, the idea of running into a plateau. In means that your gains will no longer be as prevalent as they once were during the beginning of your lifting journey. It means that your body has been getting used to the work you’ve been putting it through. It’s certainly a frustrating turn of events when you find that all the exercises you’ve been performing begin to wear thin and you no longer see the results of your hard training in the gym. Luckily for you there’s a way to fix this. As opposed to simply accepting your fate, take a look at some of the tips below to hep you get past a plateau.

Muscle confusion is the key to continued growth. There are a number of different methods we can utilize in order to confuse the muscle, namely deloads. These deloads consist of three main factors.

1. Volume

One of the best ways to throw your muscles into the confusion is by increasing the number reps and/or sets in your routine. The increase in volume could mean more sets with the same amount of reps, but with decreased weight. It can mean less sets with more reps. The switch up will cause that much needed confusion your muscles are craving.

2. Intensity

You have to change up your intensity on your lifts as well. By decreasing the weight used while keeping the same amount of reps the muscles are still getting worked. You can also choose to stop a set short of what you usually do in training, all the while using weight that is 10-15% less than what you usually lift.

3. Frequency

Say you’re working a certain muscle group three or more times per week, the idea is to decrease that number by half every few weeks. Training with high intensity and high frequency certainly is helpful, but in the long run this will lead directly to your body getting used to that intensity and becoming unresponsive sooner rather than later.

Have you ever tried deload training?

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