Old School Training With Calum Von Moger

Matching the old school mentality with old school training.

Training the body can be an incredibly difficult endeavor or a simple undertaking. There are a ton of factors that can make the experience either mind boggling or a walk in the park. While many people would simply point to genetics the truth is that it’s far more intricate than that. Sure, there are going to be those who have better genetics than others, but that’s no excuse for others who aren’t blessed to train their asses off. If you’re one of those who believe that attaining a certain physical form is impossible and simply give up before the real work can begin, then sorry to tell you, but you’re a quitter. But other than genetics, mentality and exercise variation is key to bringing about supreme change. It’s something that dedicated bodybuilders understand.

Take Calum von Moger for instance. Calum is a new school bodybuilder in terms of the era he happened to be born in. But the Australian has an old school mentality. It’s all about working hard and busting your ass in the gym and Calum understands that perfectly. While another individual may training constantly and give up because of impatience, a true bodybuilder is going to stick it out and push through.

Though he may be a member of the new school, Calum understands that you can’t build muscle by doing the same kind of exercises forever. You have to be willing to switch up your game and add different weapons to your arsenal. Keeping that in mind through all his sessions in the gym, Calum has combined his mentality and his training principals into one. Not only does Calum have an old school mentality, but he trains like an old school bodybuilder as well. Check out Calum von Moger’s method of training chest.

What kind of mentality do you bring to the gym?

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