Calum von Moger Opens Up on His Steroid Use

Calum von Moger talks steroids.

The reality of steroid use in the fitness and bodybuilding industry simply can’t be denied. While many athletes refuse to speak on the subject matter, there are those who are willing to tell their story and offer up some insight into the experience of using steroids.

Enter Calum von Moger.

A bodybuilder who has gained a great deal of traction in the fitness industry, Calum von Moger has never been more popular than he is today. An athlete and competitor with a dedication to becoming the best version of himself, Calum von Moger has trained consistently and has overcome the odds time and again to become one of the most recognized bodybuilders in the world.

With years of competitive experience under his belt, the question of whether or not Calum von Moger has utilized steroids during his career has arisen numerous times.

Now, the popular bodybuilder, actor, and fitness model is going on the record to tackle the subject of steroid usage, how and why he used the substance, and his overall opinion on the experience.

Take a look at the video below featuring Calum von Moger speaking on the taboo topic of steroids.

To see more of Calum von Moger’s harrowing story, check out Calum von Moger: Unbroken.

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