Cedric McMillan Opens Up About Recent Heart Issues: “I Was Almost Dead”

Cedric McMillan opened up in an interview after an appearance as a guest poser.

There has been plenty of speculation recently about the health of Cedric McMillan. He did not compete at the Arnold Classic back in September and missed the finals during the Legion Sports Fest. While McMillan usually keeps information quiet, he recently spoke out on his health after an appearance as a guest poser.

McMillan took the stage during the 2021 NPC Armed Forces Nationals to show off a routine. Following the event, McMillan shared some information on his health, including how he almost passed away from complications with his heart.

“Back in July, I was almost dead. Like almost notify the next of kin. My wife was with me but I was out of here. But I didn’t see no white light so I don’t know if I was that close but looking at me from the outside, I was that close,” McMillan said.

“I was the hospital for about three weeks. I lost about 30 pounds. I was getting ready to go to the Arnold. I spent all of August trying to gain weight back — ignoring the doctor’s advice. then I spent about four weeks trying to get ready while I’m still sick. That lets you know how damn crazy we are.”

Cedric McMillan revealed that he was quickly trying to put back on the weight that he lost. This was in an attempt to get back in proper shape to compete in the Arnold Classic.

McMillan continued by discussing how COVID impacts bodybuilders. After contracting the virus back in March of 2020, McMillan began feeling the long-tern effects on his heart over a year later.

“The virus makes protein levels spike in your heart. It makes us bodybuilders and fitness people particularly sensitive. You would think because we exercise that we would be less sensitive but it’s something about the protein levels. Also, most athletes have an enlarged heart.”

McMillan did drop a subtle bomb by saying he plans to compete during the 2022 Arnold Classic. This is a show that McMillan won back in 2017 and has made a point to make every year.


“I’ll definitely be doing the Arnold Classic, for sure. I try to hit it every year.”

Like many have done recently, Cedric McMillan provided a call-to-action for bodybuilders. This time, he was discussing time and how important it is to give as much as possible to loved ones.

“What I do know is that at the end of the day, you guys don’t care about how many muscles we have or how many trophies we won. You just want that lost time back. All that I ask is to be patient with us.”

“When you get a chance, I guess I would say sacrifice yourself to the people that love you. We give so much of ourselves to the gym and prep and work. Give yourself to your family and the people who love you while you still have a chance.”

Cedric McMillan looks like he is back in elite shape and that will only improve as time goes on. It is always good to hear that McMillan’s health is improving and he is back to doing what he loves. Fans can now look forward to the next time he steps on stage.

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