Chef Rush shares his ultimate triset workout for massive arms.

Andre Rush, also known as Chef Rush or the Bodybuilding White House Chef, has gone viral in recent years for his impressive physique. Most impressive are his massive arms. Some have even called them the biggest arms in the world. That’s why we met up with Rush to get an in-depth guide on how to build the ultimate arm day workout. In our latest GI Exclusive, Chef Rush details his powerhouse triset workout for building massive arms.

For those who don’t know, a triset is the act of performing three different exercises back to back. So instead of doing, say, three sets of the same exercise – you treat each set as a new movement. This is usually done with similar exercises or different exercise variations. That way you can jump to each new movement right away with little break in between.

Chef Rush has dedicated his life to building a massive physique – particularly his arms. Known as having some of the biggest arms in the world, Rush met up with Generation Iron to share his workout guide. In this article and video, we focus on his triset tactics.

Chef Rush’s Ultimate Trisets for Massive Arms

Before Chef Rush jumps into the exercises, he makes a point to focus on lifting lower weight first. Unless you’re an advanced lifter, it’s important to focus on perfecting the movement and form first before diving into heavy weights. Learn the limit of your body. If the weight you selected doesn’t adequately push your body far enough – add more reps. Low weight with high volume can still be an effective way to build massive muscle.

For the video guide, Chef Rush selects 25lb dumbbells. He usually does 15-25 sets for each exercise set. For this arm workout guide, Rush uses these three exercises during his trisets:

  • Alternating dumbbell curls
  • Alternating side dumbbell curls
  • Alternating hammer curls

Chef Rush then goes through the movements of each set. He emphasizes the focus on perfecting the movement. No jerking motions utilizing momentum to finish the rep. It should be slow and focused movements. The most important part is to get a full range of motion. This stretches the muscle fully – thus helps build muscle fully later during recovery.

Pros Of Including Trisets Into Your Workout

As you can see from the video explanation above, using this kind of dumbbell triset allows for a lot of versatility in your workout without needing much equipment. Chef Rush briefly reflects on his past – detailing how he didn’t have access to a gym in his younger years. In order to train as effectively as possible, he focused on tactics such as trisets to help give his body a hardcore full workout he needed without the bells and whistles a gym could provide.

During these trying times of the pandemic, either due to gyms being closed or lifestyles being shifted, being able to focus on fitness and health goals are more important than ever. While many of us might not have an outlet such as a gym for the time being, these kinds of workout tips can be performed anywhere with minimal equipment.

So whether you have a gym or not – you can utilize Chef Rush’s ultimate arm day workout tips to start your journey towards more massive biceps. You can watch Chef Rush’s full breakdown of his arm triset workout in our GI Exclusive above.

Derek Dufour
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