Watch Chris Duffin Squat A Record-Breaking 1,001 Pounds in Three Reps

Despite of the uncertain future of human society, Chris Duffin has still found time in the gym to check a truly impressive feat off his bucket list.

Powerlifter Chris Duffin recently shared a video with fans that showed him squatting a mind-blowing 1,001 pounds in three reps, a goal he set for himself years ago that he has often talked about achieving. You can check out the footage of his awesome accomplishment below.

In the caption of the post, Duffin acknowledged that these were strange and stressful times we’re living in, though he added the general uncertainty of today’s climate has not put a hold on his dreams or ambitions.

“Despite all the uncertainty in the world and our lives right now, I set out on a clear and defined path 4 years ago. A path to do something epic, to inspire, and to raise money and build awareness for causes I believe in. It was a major battle for me in the last year to pull off the last portion of this goal. With where my body, mind, and health are…there was no way of repeating this training cycle again after current events pass. It was now or never. With the original event at IHRSA in San Diego shutdown along with everything else, we adapted to the changing circumstances. I was going to finish what I said I was going to do…I did it, and no one can take that away. DONE.”

Duffin is of course referencing the fact that his choice of venue was abruptly changed right before attempting this legendary lift, as the San Diego gym had had planned his event at was closed due to the coronavirus. With four spotters and a video crew, last minute planning was necessary to relocate to a gym closer to home, the Kabuki Strength Gym in Clackamas, Oregon.

Sadly, due to events beyond his control, he was not able to complete his achievement at IHRSA 2020, so this was not an officially sanctioned or documented “world record.” However, it’s clear that the personal satisfaction of achieving this goal is enough for Duffin. As he makes clear from the caption of his post, we shouldn’t let the coronavirus derail too many of our hard-won victories or goals. He hasn’t let that stop him from doing his best in the gym. It’s a vital lesson for all of us to learn. Even if you feel like melting down, remaining focused on the plans we already had in place will help everyone to feel calm. Chris Duffin spent years planning his lift, and regardless of the circumstances, he was always going to do exactly that.

Chris Duffin is one of the strongest men currently living. Whatever challenge he puts his mind to next, he’s sure to rise to the occasion, regardless of the circumstances!

*All images and media courtesy of Instagram.

Tess Pollok
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