Chris Hemsworth Shares Workout And Physique Ahead Of New Movie Role

Chris Hemsworth posted a boxing and cardio workout that he has been using.

Chris Hemsworth is no stranger to training for and looking huge in movie roles. We have seen this before in Thor and The Avengers. The 38-year-old actor is at it once against as he prepares for the sequel of Extraction, a Netflix movie that released in 2020.

Preparing for a sequel to the action movie, Hemsworth has put himself through an intense workout and the results are extremely visible. On Wednesday, he shared a video of his workout on Instagram.

“Gearing up for @netflix Extraction sequel. Transitioning from heavy weight training to a lot more body weight functional movements concentrating on agility, strength and speed.
Give this little work out a go and let the lungs scream for mercy! @centrfit 💪🤙”


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Along with a video, Chris Hemsworth detailed the workout in his caption. He is going through it in  what looks like a backyard and that is how the workout is meant to be. Hemsworth has put together a routine that can take place either at home or at the gym. It also does not take much time to complete.

“3 minute boxing round (cardio)
50 squats (lower body)
40 sit thrus (mobility)
20 reps for each (core)exercise
25 push ups (upper body)
Rest 2 minutes 4 sets in total,” chris hemsworth wrote.


This is a vigorous workout and one that will push your body to the limits in many ways. Hemsworth makes it look easy in the video ahead of the new movie role. The ripped physique and pumped up arms will not go to waste as Hemsworth prepares for this sequel but will also have the pleasure of playing Hulk Hogan in a film in the near future.

Recreating Hogan’s size and mass is no easy task. Hemsworth has been putting in the work to look the part and it has not gone unnoticed. Back in November 2020, Hogan acknowledged that Hemsworth has what it takes.

Chris Hemsworth decided to switch up his training routine to focus on agility and strength. It looks as though it is working. He will continue to be one of the most well-known faces on the big screen while putting out movies that continue to be as popular as ever.

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