An inside look at Cristy Nickel’s hardcore Code Red coaching style

    In this clip, Cristy Nickel makes a coaching visit to one of her clients only to find a pantry full of snacks, processed food, and crap. Frustrated, Cristy goes full commando on her client warning that if her family’s diet doesn’t change, death is just around the corner. You can watch the clip above!

In the upcoming documentary, Code Red: Diaries Of Madness, the film mainly focuses on Cristy Nickel’s failing physique and her goal of making a full transformation in just six months to compete on the bodybuilding stage. However, Cristy also simultaneously must continue to run her busy and successful business – Code Red Lifestyle.

The film follows as Cristy continues to coach three clients who are trying to lose weight, change their diet habits, and become healthier. Cristy’s approach towards coaching clients can be put mildly as “tough love.” Known for her hardcore presence when she was a featured coach on MTV’s MADE – her intensity continues into her personal business. This often means that when a client is failing to keep a proper diet – all hell breaks loose.

Cristy Nickel’s Hardcore Approach To Health

In the clip featured above, Cristy Nickel visits one of her clients, Heather, who has made some incredible progress on her own health and weight loss journey. However, he family is not necessarily on the same page – and Heather also needs to maintain her diet to cross the finish line towards her goal weight.

So it comes as a surprise to Cristy when she discovers the massive pantry of snack foods, sweets, and processed foods within Heather’s home. Not only does this pose as a temptation to Heather, it also allows her husband and children to continue to eat unhealthy – building poor health habits young that could lead to challenges later in life.

Cristy Nickel goes into butt-kicking mode, rounds up Heather’s entire family, and verbally assaults them for their eating habits. Cristy warns that gaining weight is not the only sign of bad health. Even if the husband and kids are skinny – they may have negative health impacts happening “under the hood.” Fat around organs, high blood pressure or cholesterol, and diabetes can all be silent killers.

While it might sound dramatic – Cristy Nickel warns Heather that her family members are actually slowly killing themselves. “Diabetes is coming for you,” she decrees to Heather’s husband.

It’s this kind of “scared straight” tactic that Cristy Nickel does so well – and has used to find success alongside her well researched and meticulous diet plans. MTV’s MADE may no longer be airing – but Cristy Nickel and her Code Red initiative is still going strong.

Code Red: Diaries of Madness Official Synopsis

A documentary following retired boxer and celebrity nutritionist Cristy “Code Red” Nickel’s remarkable comeback to competitive bodybuilding at 46 years old. The documentary explores her intense preparation, struggles, and relearning the sport. It delves into her inspiring journey from poverty to millionaire and analyzes the contrast between bodybuilding and general weight loss. Simultaneously managing her thriving company, the film showcases Cristy’s dedication to transforming lives, providing a powerful testament to resilience and empowerment.

How To Watch Code Red: Diaries of Madness

Code Red: Diaries of Madness is directed by Vlad Yudin (Generation Iron, The Hurt Business, Ronnie Coleman: The King) and produced by both Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr. (Generation Iron, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer, The Hurt Business, Ronnie Coleman: The King).

Code Red: Diaries of Madness will be on all major digital platforms including Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vimeo On Demand on April 12, 2024. For more information about the film, including ways to watch and pre-order, visit the official documentary website right here or click the banner below.

Code Red Diaries Of Madness Trailer

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