CT Fletcher Talks 100% Natural Status, Being “Genetically Inclined” For Heart Problems

CT Fletcher talks his status as a natural bodybuilder and his heart problems.
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CT Fletcher was able to reflect on his heart operations over the years.

CT Fletcher has been one of the biggest names in powerlifting and fitness as a whole over the last decade. He built a huge following, especially on his YouTube page, where he would share workouts and inspiration to others. During his career, Fletcher has dealt with heart issues but has been able to maintain an impressive physique.

During a recent interview, Fletcher joined Bradley Martyn to discuss his natty status and heart issues he has dealt with over the years.

Fletcher has held records in both bench press and strict curl during his career. He built a reputation in powerlifting but also took chances on the bodybuilding stage as well. When competing, he did so naturally and spoke to those who do not believe it.

“100 percent. People need to take a look at, nobody believes this when I tell guys, but all they have to do is take a look at me even when I was supposedly in great, fantastic bodybuilding shape. I would not win any contest.”

I won in the Natural Athletic Bodybuilding Association. It was natural back then. I could do okay against natural guys but if I was to compete in a contest that didn’t have that, they would laugh me off stage.”

Generation Iron Network announced that production has begun on a brand new feature film documentary project – titled Sonz of a Beast.

Narrated by CT Fletcher himself, the film captures the transformative impact of strength and fitness as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of young individuals facing adversity.

The film will delve into the personal struggles of CT Fletcher and Julius Maddox alongside the creation of the Sonz Of A Beast Initiative Project – as well as Brandon Copeland, Don Singleton, and Thomas Davis, showcasing how powerlifting became a lifeline, helping them overcome challenges such as incarceration, family trauma, and financial hardship.

CT Fletcher Talks Heart Issues In His Family

CT Fletcher opened up about family history and his heart problems. It has been genetic in his family for decades.

“Everybody on my mom’s side of the family have heart issues. My mom, all nine of her brothers and sisters passed away from heart problems. My older brother I was telling you about earlier passed away from heart problems. We are genetically inclined for heart problems.”

In 2001, Fletcher suffered heart damage that eventually led to surgery in 2005. This was the first of two open-heart surgeries for the powerlifter. The second came in 2018 after a major heart attack the previous year.

Fletcher’s metal valve lasted over a decade before his latest heart attack.

“2005, I had my first open-heart surgery. They replaced may aortic valve and it was doing pretty good. It lasted all the way up until 2018. I survived the aortic open-heart surgery replacing the aortic valve with a metal valve that lasted me 13 years until I had the heart attack in 2018.”

CT Fletcher is an athlete that has found much success in many areas. Martyn asked how to reach such levels and the answer was clear from Fletcher.

“To be great at anything, obsession is a necessity. If you want to be the best, I mean not the runner-up or a close contender, if you want the top pedestal to be number one in anything, obsession is necessity.”

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