CT Fletcher Joins Cast Of ‘Sonz Of A Beast’ Documentary, Produced By Generation Iron

Sonz of a Beast Generation Iron

The film will follow CT Fletcher, Julius Maddox, Brandon Copeland, Don Singleton, Thomas Davis and their ‘Sonz Of A Beast Initiative Project’

Generation Iron Network has announced that production has begun on a brand new feature film documentary project – titled Sonz of a Beast. The documentary will follow the inspiring journey of American powerlifters Julius Maddox, Brandon Copeland, Don Singleton, and Thomas Davis alongside the legendary CT Fletcher as they channel their passion for strength sports into a mission to uplift underprivileged kids across America.

Narrated by CT Fletcher himself, the film captures the transformative impact of strength and fitness as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of young individuals facing adversity.

The film will delve into the personal struggles of CT Fletcher and Julius Maddox alongside the creation of the Sonz Of A Beast Initiative Project – as well as Brandon Copeland, Don Singleton, and Thomas Davis, showcasing how powerlifting became a lifeline, helping them overcome challenges such as incarceration, family trauma, and financial hardship. With their firsthand experiences in mind, this formidable team aims to reach out to the next generation of underprivileged youth dealing with issues like depression, anxiety, anger management, educational obstacles, and economic hardship.

At the heart of Sonz Of A Beast is the vision of creating tangible change and the power of resilience, mentorship, and the unifying force of strength and fitness.

“This is a very important film project for us,” stated director Vlad Yudin. “It’s extremely important to talk about issues of mental health in today’s world and offer some solutions.”

“No man stands above another,” said Don Singleton. He continued:

“We all laugh, we all cry. We come in all different shapes and sizes with different strengths and weaknesses. That don’t make us better than anyone else. It just makes us human. We’re excited to spread this message through the platform this film provides.”

Sonz of a Beast CT Fletcher Julius Maddox

CT Fletcher is an iconic American powerlifter and motivational speaker. Rising from Compton, California, Fletcher became a dominant force in the fitness world, winning multiple powerlifting championships. His remarkable journey from homelessness to success shapes his motivational prowess. Known for his intense workouts and “Iron Addict” mantra, Fletcher transcends physical strength, empowering millions with his no-nonsense attitude and resilience. Overcoming heart issues in 2005, he embodies the indomitable spirit.

Beyond the gym, CT Fletcher’s motivational speeches and online presence continue to inspire individuals worldwide, cementing his legacy as a living testament to strength, both physical and mental.

CT Fletcher was the starring subject in a previous film produced and distributed by the Generation Iron Network. Titled, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession, the documentary provided a in-depth look into the life and transformation of CT Fletcher. The film garnered much attention beyond fitness – including from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who stated it was “one of the greatest documentaries I’ve ever seen.”

CT Fletcher My Magnificent Obsession Official Trailer 

Julius Maddox, the formidable American powerlifter from Owensboro, Kentucky – is renowned for his record-breaking feats, including the world’s heaviest raw bench press at 770 pounds in 2019. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches and over 300 pounds, Maddox not only dominates in powerlifting but also serves as an inspiration. Overcoming personal challenges like addiction and incarceration, he symbolizes the triumph of dedication and resilience. A role model beyond the gym, Maddox uses his platform to inspire others and make a positive impact on those facing adversity.

Brandon “MidWest Kong” Copeland embodies the strength of a champion and the heart of a hero. A Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt, Copeland dominated the Mixed Martial Arts scene from 2005 to 2014, showcasing tenacity and skill. Initiating the “I Stopped The Bully” campaign in 2011, he became a beacon against bullying, inspiring youth across schools and detention centers.

Co-founding member of the Sonz of a Beast Initiative Project, Don Singleton’s life is a testament to resilience and the power of rewriting one’s narrative. A devoted family man, he draws strength from fatherhood, determined to be the mentor he lacked as a child. Born in the tumultuous backdrop of New Orleans and despite a stint in prison, entrepreneurship became his redemption, from personal training to founding MA1 Fitness and Morph Athletica. Don’s success extends beyond personal gain; he mentors entrepreneurs and champions fitness for mental well-being.

Thomas Davis, aka “TD Smash,” transcends his role as a dedicated high school security guard, showcasing a remarkable journey of resilience and powerlifting prowess. A former correctional officer, he’s made a global impact in powerlifting, bench pressing an astounding 700 pounds on March 7th, 2020—joining an elite few. Hailing from South Bend, Indiana, his life’s story is a testament to breaking barriers, both in and out of the gym. Beyond weights, Thomas leverages his unique perspective to address societal challenges, emphasizing mental health awareness.

Production for the documentary has begun in Los Angeles, California capturing CT Fletcher’s annual Iron Wars competition. Sonz of a Beast is directed by Vlad Yudin (Generation Iron, CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession, The Hurt Business) and produced by both Yudin and Edwin Mejia Jr. (Generation Iron, The Hurt Business, Ronnie Coleman: The King).

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