Dan Solomon Confirms Olympia 2020 Is Still Full Steam Ahead

Dan Solomon opened up about transitioning the Olympia to new management and how the 2020 competition is coming together.

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Earlier this year, American Media sold the Olympia competition and brand to fitness guru Jake Wood. It was a shocking announcement; it was the end of an era for so many fans who had come to love the unique showmanship and style of the Olympia weekend. Chief Olympia Officer Dan Solomon talked about what that transition means for the sport and how the competition will and won’t change moving forward. Most importantly, he announced plans to host the 2020 Olympia on its original planned date in September of this year.

“The 2020 Olympia Weekend is still more than 5 months away. We are full speed ahead with our production planning and event promotion. Tickets are on sale and more than 100 IFBB PRO athletes have already qualified,” Dan Solomon said of his decision to move forward planning the event.

“I received a call the other day from a top Olympia contender. He told me that his prep was actually ahead of schedule because his life has slowed down. He mentioned that the lack of travel has allowed him to elevate his focus. I’m not sure how every athlete feels, but I don’t think it will be an issue. Hopefully things will begin normalizing in May/June, allowing everyone to return to some kind of normalcy.”

With the competition set to continue as scheduled in September, many of the sport’s greats will have to get creative with their training. Without access to public gyms or international travel, many top bodybuilders are going to have to seriously modify their routines, and that brings an exciting element of surprise to this year’s competition. Who knows what an Olympia after six months of social isolation would look like? With nothing to focus on but working out, it’s possible we might see some truly incredible physiques onstage this year. Things are already coming together to give us a clearer picture of what the “new” Olympia is going to look like. Dexter Jackson has announced that this will be his final Olympia. New owner Jake Wood is a longtime champion of women bodybuilders.

Either way, it’s clear to all involved that the Olympia is going through some serious changes right now. You’ll probably like some of them and dislike others. From the “Golden Era” of bodybuilding to now, the training has evolved, the athletes are different, and our tastes and opinions on what constitutes an aesthetic physique have changed in a big way. Bodybuilding — like fashion, art, TV, and basically everything else — is always changing with the times. And there’s nothing any of us can do to stop it, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

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