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Drumroll please…

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Robbie Lawler. After his 5 round wars with Carlos Condit and Rory Macdonald, it’s no wonder the welterweight champion needed a little vacation…well vacation over. During an episode of “Looking For a Fight” UFC President Dana White went on AXS TV and revealed that Robbie Lawler’s next opponent will be Tyron Woodley. The wrestler and now tv personality will face the brawler Robbie Lawler at either UFC 201 in August or UFC 202. Tyron Woodley is coming off of a year lay off with his last bout being cancelled against Johnny Hendrix, the bout before that ended early after Carlos Condit suffered a knee injury. Whether you think Tyron Woodley has a chance or not, you’ve got to admit it’s fair as Tyron has had a couple of tough breaks with his last opponents.  On top of that, Steven “Wonderboy” Thompson and Rory Macdonald are all tied up with their UFC Ottawa fight on June 8th. Will Carlos Condit retire? I hope not, but with this news the Lawler vs. Condit 2 fight seems further and further away. One would have to think that if “Wonderboy can somehow win his fight in June, he’d be next in line for the strap. What do you think of the Welterweight picture? Hit us up with your thoughts below.