How Many Days A Week Should You Train?

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This Is How Often You Should Be Hitting The Gym

Most people who join a gym are curious to know how many days a week should they train to build muscle mass or lose fat. Your workout program should be designed in a way that you’re not overtraining. You should also make sure you’re not leaving any stoned unturned to ignite muscle growth.

There are a lot of factors which go into designing a training split. We’ll take you through some of the factors to determine how often you should be hitting the iron paradise. By the end of this article, you’ll have all your questions answered.

Beginner – 5 Days

In this article, we’ll break down the number of days you should be working out based on your current stage and goals. You need to keep in mind the frequency of your workouts will often change depending on your expertise level.

When you’re a rookie, you shouldn’t rush into lifting weights. Your primary goal should be to learn about the basic exercises and the correct form of performing them. As you start going to the gym, you should train five days a week for at least the first month.

Even when you’re training five or lesser number of days a week, you shouldn’t take two days off in a row. Plan your program so the first rest day is mid-week and the second is on the weekend.

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Intermediate – 6 Days

Once you’ve learned all the basic exercises and feel comfortable training with weights, you should switch to training six days a week. In the intermediate phase, your goal should be to build a solid foundation. You should be training one muscle group a day in the intermediate phase.

Make compound movements a big part of your training and focus on improving your strength, stamina, and agility. Of all the stages, the intermediate phase can feel the least exciting. But rest assured, you’ll soon be reaping rewards for the hard work you put in in this stage.

Another thing you need to remember is that there are no ideal rest days in the fit lifestyle. On your rest days, you’ll be going out for a jog or working on the cardio equipment for 30-45 minutes depending on your goals.

Advanced – 5 Days

After you’ve been training for 1-1.5 years and are well versed with the advanced training principles, and systems, you step onto the advanced stage. In the advanced stage, you should be performing double-muscle workouts. In the advanced stage, you should train your weak muscles twice a week to fix muscle imbalances.

Some people forget you don’t build muscles in the gym. You break down your muscle tissues while you’re training. Muscles re-grow bigger and stronger while you’re resting outside the gym. As you progress, you’ll be spending lesser amounts of time in the gym.

Prepping For Competition – 4-5 Days

If you’re planning to compete in a bodybuilding show, the number of days you’ll be training will greatly depend on your current conditioning. As you get closer to your competition and especially in the last month, most of the adjustments will be made in the diet. You reduce the number of training sessions from your program as you inch closer to the D-day to reduce the chances of an injury.

In the best-case scenario, you should be going from an advanced stage to the contest prep stage. You could jump from intermediate to prepping but it would mean the odds of winning the show would not be in your favor.

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