Dennis James believes that Big Ramy will be a reigning Olympia champion for years to come.

When Big Ramy won the Mr. Olympia competition in 2020, he solidified years worth of hype. Now the big question will be whether or not he can maintain his champion status in 2021 and beyond. Ramy’s current trainer, Dennis James, is extremely confident that 2020 was only the start of a new era of Ramy as Olympia champion. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dennis James explains the one important factor that will keep Big Ramy as Olympia champion in the future.

It’s been said to death but we will mention it here again for context. Big Ramy’s biggest issue was never his size directly. It was his lack of conditioning. Some believed he couldn’t match his conditioning while keeping his size massive. In 2020, Ramy proved those doubters wrong by finally honing in his conditioning while maintaining his gigantic size.

While perfecting that balance one year does not guarantee he will maintain it into the future, it seems he has finally found the perfect training and diet regimen. This is in no little part due to his new team of Chad Nicholls and Dennis James.

While speaking with Dennis James in our latest video interview, we asked him if he was confident Big Ramy could keep up his consistency. Can Ramy be the next reigning champion like Phil Heath or Ronnie Coleman?

Dennis James answered with a confident and resounding yes. He also had one very specific reason why there was little doubt in his mind that Big Ramy would continue to dominate. That reason comes down to the simple fact that Ramy still has room to improve.

“He [Big Ramy] has room to improve,” Dennis James stated in our interview. He continued:

“He can improve his back. Now he doesn’t have to worry about getting a pound bigger. He doesn’t have to worry about size. So he can fully concentrate on detail and improve some of the body parts. And that’s all he has to do. And if he improves, who is gonna come close? Thank about it. Just size wise. Who is there and can come close?”

Dennis James’ point here is that, assuming Big Ramy does not fall back from his current physique, all he has to do is improve his weak spots. Without having to worry about size or matching his conditioning to that size, he can focus on weak areas like his back to become even more deadly.

Looking at the rest of the Men’s Open lineup, Dennis James doesn’t seem to think any of them can improve their size to the point where they threaten Big Ramy. Of course, size isn’t everything. But if Ramy can improve on top of his size, it will make him, at least for some time, unbeatable.

Only time will tell if this will come to pass. Dennis James’ confidence certainly is infectious. With a win under Big Ramy’s belt, his confidence will also drive him to bigger and better things as well. The 2021 Olympia will be an exciting event indeed.

You can watch Dennis James’ full comments about Big Ramy and his future chances in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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