Generation Iron Dennis Wolf Dubai

Problems fall upon Dubai Pro as they lose two major competitors.

Things are getting off to a bumpy start for the Dubai 2014 Classic as the first day starts to take shape. It has been previously reported by Evolution of Bodybuilding and confirmed in a video by Dennis Wolf himself that he will not be attending the Dubai Pro because of a mishap with his plane ticket. Basically, it seems that an oversight on the promoters part led to Wolf never receiving his plane ticket to the competition. Because of this he will not be able to attend.

On top of that, Fred “Biggie” Smalls will also not be able to attend the Dubai Pro because of an illness. Add this to the fact that Big Ramy will also not be competing because of a previous hamstring injury and the list of pros starts to fall pretty thin.

Suddenly the showdown for the top placings looks a lot different. With Wolf, Kai, Phil, and Fred Smalls all missing from the┬áline up – we are going to see a very different sort of competition. It seems like things will come down to Shawn Rhoden and Dexter Jackson for the number one spots. And who knows, maybe younger competitors like Steve Kuclo will have a chance to shine with a higher placing and nice increase in prize money.

We will continue to update as more information becomes available. Until then make sure to voice your opinions in the comments section and follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you receive all of the updates from Dubai Pro as it continues. Stay pumped.



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