Different Types Of Deadlifts You Should Be Doing


5 Different Types of Deadlifts You Should Try

Deadlifts are a compound (multi-joint) exercise which helps in building muscle mass and strength. Just like with the squats, people gravitate away from performing the deadlifts since they can exhaust you completely in a couple of sets.

While there are many different variations of deadlifts, most people stick with the conventional deadlifts leaving a lot of gains on the table. You should perform the deadlifts at the beginning of your workouts as it pre-exhausts your back and you don’t have to perform other heavy compound exercises later in your workouts when you’re fatigued.

1. Sumo Deadlifts

Sumo deadlifts should be a welcome change from the conventional deadlifts. Like the sumo squats, the sumo deadlifts involves placing your feet at a wider stance with your hands inside of your feet.

Since the sumo deadlifts decrease your range of motion, you can lift heavier weights. The main focus muscle groups while performing the sumo squats are your quads, hams, and glutes. While doing this exercise make sure you’re not lifting the weights with your back, your legs should be your focus muscle group.

2. Romanian Deadlifts

Romanian deadlifts are also known as stiffed legged deadlifts. They target your hamstrings and most people prefer doing this exercise on their leg day. You should maintain a slight bend in your knees while performing this exercise.

Bring the barbell down by pushing your hips back while keeping your back straight. Keep your legs stiff and focus entirely on your hamstrings. Think of your hams as chains used to lift and lower your upper body.

3. Deficit Deadlifts

Deficit deadlifts are used to increase the range of motion while performing the deadlifts. You follow the conventional deadlift form and grip while performing this variation. The only difference is, you stand on an elevated platform.

Deficit deadlifts can be a great exercise if you want to bring up your legs as there is a lot of leg recruitment in this exercise. Since you have to pull the bar through a greater range of motion, proper leg drive is essential.

4. Snatch Grip Deadlifts

The snatch grip deadlifts are a type of an Olympic exercise. In this exercise, your hands take on a wider grip like you would take while performing a complete Olympic snatch. This exercise works your hamstrings.

The snatch grip deadlifts will give you a stronger base for performing the Olympic snatch. You should increase the weights on the barbell incrementally as lifting heavier weight than you can handle can cause a back injury.

5. Chains and Bands Deadlifts

Chains and bands deadlifts will test what you’re made of. Bands and chains put added tension and weight at the top of the deadlift, which forces you to concentrate on the lock-out position. Lifting with chains and bands on the barbell will put extra tension on your core.

You will experience added resistance at the top of the movement since the chains are completely off the ground and the bands are stretched to the max. The added resistance will be taken off the barbells as you lower the weights. If you practice deadlifts with bands and chains, you’ll feel much more stable when you’re doing straight weight.

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