‘Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster’ Is Now Available On iTunes Pre-Order

Pre-order Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster on iTunes today!

Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster is now available for pre-order on iTunes and Apple TV! Make sure to be one of the first people to watch the most comprehensive look into the life of Dorian Yates – click here to pre-order today.

Dorian Yates is known as one of the most legendary bodybuilders in the history of bodybuilding with six Mr. Olympia wins. Not only that, but he is also labeled as the “original mass monster” due to his massive size and grainy physique that was unheard of at the time. He changed the entire future of bodybuilding and ushered in a new era of physiques that focused on bigger and bigger mass.

Now long since retired, Dorian has revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding with his iconic “blood and guts” training style, a machine-like focus that bordered on the peculiar, and rejecting the California bodybuilding scene that was the dominant influence on the industry from its inception.

Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster chronicles the life and times of his storied career and the new life he created for himself post-bodybuilding. After facing depression and having his mental health collapse, he now prepares to embark to Costa Rica for a spiritual journey to explore the nature of his consciousness.

Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster will be available on November 15, 2019. You can pre-order today on DVD and digital by clicking here or the banner below.

Dorian Yates The Original Mass Monster Pre-Order

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