Dr. Khan Says Big Ramy Looks Better After Stem Cells, Can ‘Fix’ Ronnie Coleman

Dr. Adeel Khan believes stem cells have helped Big Ramy and that it can also heal the legend Ronnie Coleman.

Entrepreneur, medical doctor, and scientist Dr. Adeel Khan recently sung the praises of stem cell therapy in helping Big Ramy and believes it can aid Ronnie Coleman as well. The doctor recently spoke on Big Ramy’s physical appearance improving since using stem cells and that its healing properties could be a game changer.

There’s nothing like health issues to derail your progress. It can be a truly deflating feeling to have injuries hold you back from not only achieving incredible progress but also just living a normal life. We’ve seen former reigning Olympia champions leave bodybuilding a shadow of their former selves. We’ve seen the most recent reigning Mr. Olympia fall from the top of the mountain, his physique left unrecognizable.

Dr. Adeel Khan believes stem cells can be the trick to healing athletes like Big Ramy and Ronnie Coleman. In a recent interview Dr. Khan explained how stem cells could help these former reigning champions.

Much Improved

It’s no secret that two-time Mr. Olympia Big Ramy faced some considerable challenges at the 2022 show. Something was off about his physique, and he didn’t appear to be as well conditioned as his previous appearances has such we saw Big Ramy fall a number of places, fifth place to be exact, at the 2022 Olympia. For many this signaled the downfall of the ones dominant champion. But according to Dr. Khan those notions could be a bit premature.

In a recent interview with bodybuilding legend Chris Cormier, Dr. Kahn revealed that he’s seeing the results of Big Ramy’s stem cell therapy. Like Ronnie Coleman before him, it appears Big Ramy is seeing benefits from the therapy. According to the doctor, it appears that the two-time Mr. Olympia is looking much improved after undergoing the therapy. When asked by Cormier how Big Ramy look after stem cell therapy, Dr. Khan gave a positive estimation of the former reigning champion.

“So, do you think that before the Arnold Classic we could see a difference in Ramy or is it going to be ongoing?” asked Chris Cormier.

“It’s a surprise,” said Dr. Khan. “But I did see him practice posing a few days ago… I’m not a judge, so take it with a grain of salt, but to me he looked a lot better.”

This supposed sign of improvement could be great news for other bodybuilders and athletes facing complicated injuries and health issues. This success could also be a major boon for another bodybuilding legend.

Rebuilding a Legend

Eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman hasn’t had the easiest time post retirement. The bodybuilding legend pushed himself past his physical limits and as a result became one of the most dominant champions in the endeavor’s history. He also suffered another unexpected reward for his trouble; excruciating pain and the inability to walk and train without assistance.

At 58 years old Ronnie Coleman would never be considered an Olympia contender. That said, it would be great to see Coleman return to form or at the very least live without considerable pain.

According to Dr. Khan it’s possible that Ronnie Coleman can be healed. During his interview with Chris Cormier, Dr. Khan attested that he has the ability to help Coleman.

“I’m confident I can fix him [Ronnie Coleman],” said Dr. Khan. “And I can’t reveal too many details about what’s going on with him but he’s going to get better with the treatment we’re going to do. We’re doing mainly stem cell treatments for him. It was to me more — you know there’s different theories, a lot of people are speculating what it can be and stuff.

“I personally don’t think it’s a structural issue. I think it’s more nervous system related. I’m working on treating his nervous system with stem cells and something called ANF which is amino neurofrequency – it’s a special type of neurofrequency, which we program into the nervous system. We’re doing some cutting edge stuff with him, hopefully we get him back to Mr. O again.” 


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Stem Cells Are The Future?!

It’s clear that stem cell therapy could be a massive help for any athlete from any background. The groundbreaking treatment could really change the game and help a great deal of those suffering from all different kinds of injuries. It’s great to see it being applied to legends like Big Ramy and Ronnie Coleman.

What do you think of Dr. Khan helping athletes with stem cells therapy?

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