Dr. Testosterone: “Diuretics Are An Instant Danger And Can Kill You Right Away”

Dr. Testosterone details why diuretics and insulin are the two most dangerous drugs used in bodybuilding.

Dr. George Touliatos, aka Dr. Testosterone, has often been outspoken about his support for steroid use in the sport of bodybuilding. In fact, he believes that steroids, while causing long term health issues, are no where near the biggest threat to a bodybuilder’s health. According to Dr. T, diuretics and insulin are the two riskiest drugs commonly taken by competitive bodybuilders. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Dr. Testosterone focuses on diuretics and how quickly that can turn dangerous.

Over this past summer, there was a sudden series of bodybuilder deaths that made headlines in the industry. Many of the deaths were competitors under the age of 50. It was a sad stretch of time in bodybuilding. While there were no direct links between the various deaths – the news reignited a conversation about health in bodybuilding. Jake Wood, owner of the Mr. Olympia, even made a comment lobbying for healthier standards in the sport.

We recently had a chance to reconnect with Dr. George Touliatos, also known as Dr. Testosterone. We decided to take this opportunity to ask him about the health dangers in bodybuilding. Most specifically, if diuretics were a real danger in the sport – and just how necessary they are for success as a pro bodybuilder.

There are many experts and athletes who have begun to speak out about the use of diuretics in bodybuilding. Legendary bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman went on the record to say that he thinks they should be completely banned from the sport. So just how dangerous are these drugs really?

Dr. Testosterone makes it clear that diuretics are one of the riskiest drugs a bodybuilder can take. When used correctly, they are harmless. But the consequences for misusing diuretics are fast and have a high change of being fatal. Misuse of diuretics can lead to a bodybuilder to pass out quickly after use – and if not treated fast enough can lead to death.


Dr. Testosterone stresses that this is only the case when misused. But compared to other drugs used in the sport – the cost for accidentally overdosing can be swift and deadly.

“Diuretics are an instant danger and can kill you right away,” Dr. Testosterone states in his interview. Other PEDs can have long term health effects but very few can lead to sudden major health consequences like diuretics. The only other drug with that kind of sudden danger is insulin.

So how prevalent is diuretic use in the sport. Is it a “mandatory” aspect for athletes to achieve the quality of physique we are familiar with on stage? Dr. Testosterone flip flops on this question for a moment – then seems to ultimately say that, as it stands right now, they seem to be a required aspect of bodybuilding contest prep.

“When you want to have ripped glutes, you know, this is the final touch. The ripped glutes. To be shredded,” Dr. Testosterone states in our interview. He continues:

“Because the Christmas tree, the hams, and the pecs are striated even four weeks out. But the glutes, which is what they see from the rear, you know? And they judge the conditioning out of this. I guess, they [diuretics] are mandatory. It depends on how you use them.”

You can watch Dr. Tesosterone go into full detail about diuretics in bodybuilding by watching our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

Derek Dufour
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